Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Prologue Translation

Prologue「The heart throbs when it falls in love」

「Okay, say aahh」

IS Academy Special Care Unit.

There, Ichika was taking care of Tatenashi whose stay in the hospital was prolonged.

「Really, really, I can eat by myself」

Tatenashi says so and pouts her lips――cheeks slightly red, her true name is Katana.


「A, aahh……」

Speaking of Ichika, in his habit of returning the favor and taking the initiative, her nature and cheeks loosened up.

Ichika’s handmade bento was brought today as well, the menu is bacon-wrapped asparagus on potato balls and then, English muffins and a salad.

The after meal dessert is orange sherbet.

All of which are Tatenashi’s favorite foods.

Ichika with a friendly grin, made Tatenashi embarrassed.

There were shadows peeping on those two from outside the window.

「……What the」

It was Rin who said so.

Her eyes had a dead look.

「Could it be……Those two are already going out……?Ahh……」

Cecilia falls into dizziness.

Her face was pale.


Observing those two intently was Charlotte.

Though the mind was not calm, if you think about the 『maintenance period for Charlotte』some time ago, isn’t it the same pattern now as well.

「really, really, really……」

Haa! Two shadows rise up.

「「I can’t take it anymore!!」」

It was Houki and Laura.

In each of their hands is a tightly-grasped katana and knife.


*stop*, It was Kanzashi restraining them with her palms.

「What are you doing!」

「Isn’t it natural to support your sister?!」

Abruptly turning her back on the angry Houki and Laura, Kanzashi suddenly opened the window.

「Pardon the interruption」

Both Ichika and Tatenashi were startled by the unexpected intruder.

Because this is the third floor, and you can’t do something like be outside the window if an IS isn’t deployed.

「Ka-Kanzashi, you――since when!?」

The completely off-guard Ichika was in a feverish haste.

「Ka-Kanzashi-chan!? Wh-Wh-What, What are you doing?」

Like Ichika, the zero-awareness Tatenashi was trembling a lot.

「Are you two, going out?」

「”Going out”――」

「A man and woman, together」


Ichika and Tatenashi exchanged looks after being surprised.

And then both turned their blushing faces away in a hurry.

「No, it’s nothing like that, I only came to visit Tatenashi-san――ugh!」

He gets elbowed by Tatenashi from her bed.


Folding her arms, and puffing her cheeks with all her might, Tatenashi shows her displeasure.

If you look at the reaction of these two, it is known as the『Sky Love Hurricane』that the usual blockhead Ichika creates.

(Even so, it seems fine……)

That is to say, Tatenashi has come to like this situation.

With Ichika.

With the young man called Orimura Ichika.

「……It’s like that, after all」

Outside the window, the five people hovering with partially deployed IS were beckoned.

「Ichika, with…… onee-chan」

In order to hear, the five people close in, drawing nearer and nearer.

「Is it true?、Ichika!」

「You know I won’t forgive lying, right!?」

「Do- Do I……believe it?」

「Don’t let it be, Ichika!」

「Make it clear!」

They were rattling on with screams, and Ichika was having touble dealing with this conversation.

With seriousness, he sighs and tells the truth.

「It’s true being with Tatenashi-san is fun」


「What’s wrong!?」

Rin was on the verge of tears and stared intensely.

「Because, well, Tatenashi-san has great style」

「Ugh!」cried RIn.

「Because she’s not domineering」

「Uggh!」cried Cecilia.

「She pushes constantly」

「Ugggh!」cried Charlotte.

「Because she doesn’t exert violence」

「Uggggh!」cried Houki.

「Because she doesn’t come to creep in my bedroom at night」

「Ugggggh!」cried Laura.

「Because she is cheerful」

「……He did quite some damage」said Kanzashi.

「But I think everyone has their own charm as well!」

「「「That doesn’t follow!」」」

The roar echoed throughout the special care building.

「Really, Ichika-kun is……」

Two days have passed since then; Tatenashi’s wounds have finally healed.

However, the IS 『Mysterious Lady』can’t be called complete yet.

That fact cast a shadow over Tatenashi’s face.

(It’s not good if it isn’t overhauled at once after all.

Before the accumulation of damage becomes serious)

When it comes to that, it’s necessary to go back to the original Russian developer.

It would likely take one week.

「In the meantime, I can’t meet with Ichika-kun, huh?……」

After muttering unconsciously with a whisper, that thought was denied in a hurry.

(Wh- What am I……A- About not being able to meet with Ichika-kun――)

The heart was surely in pain when thinking so.

――It’s not good.

I want to meet with him.

Even right now, I am dying to meet him.


In order to release the heat from her face which flared and became red, she shakes it left and right.

(N- No. It’s not like that. It’s not like――)

「Tatenashi-saan, can I come innn? 」


Suddenly, she was surprised by being called out through the door.

Surely, Ichika did not plan to come today.

What to do, While thinking about what to do, the door was boldly opened.

「Pardon meee」

「Ah, Ahh!」

Smack! A box of tissues hit Ichika in the head.

Needless to say, it was Tatenashi who threw it.

「Wh- What are you doing !?」

「Th- That- That’s my line!」

Tatenashi glares intensely at Ichika.

「Don’t enter a girl’s room without permission! Isn’t that common sense?」

「No, because it’s Tatenashi-san, it’s fine」


Those words were probably said without any particularly deep thought, but Tatenashi was trembling a lot.

(Because it’s me? I’m different from others by my special standing)

When thinking so, she knew her face was turning red from blushing.

(No, oh no, it’s pounding a lot……)

There is a tightness in the chest, it is painful, and sweet――.

Even though she is reluctant, Tatenashi realizes she is an ordinary『girl』.

(This- This is unfair……)

While gently pressing down on her beating chest, Tatenashi takes one deep breath and turns towards Ichika.

「So- So what’s your business today? O- Orimura Ichika-kun」

She clears her throat with a cough and pretends everything is normal.

However, Ichika comes back with laughter.

「Ahahaa. What’s wrong? All of a sudden, Tatenashi-san is acting weird, you know?」

「I’m- I’m perfectly normal, you know? My injuries have healed, look!」

Tatenashi suddenly rolls up the blouse of her uniform and exposes her abdomen.

Because she lifted it too energetically, a piece of her light pink bra was seen.

「What the!? What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

「Maybe it’s because Ichika says I’m acting weird!?」

「I- I understand! So please put it down! Your stomach will get cold!」

Because Ichika is looking away, it’s a little uninteresting, against her better judgement, Tatenashi got worked up and creeped in.

「Look properly! Look! Look here!」

「I-I’ve seen it, I’ve already seen it!」

In order to make Ichika embarrassed, Tatenashi presses on.

「Oh my, is that so. Then, the next step is to touch it」


Ichika was dumbfounded.

Incidentally, Tatenashi was showing her very well-proportioned waist.

「So you can confirm that the wounds really have closed. So that you can immediately understand that I’m not acting strange」


Seeing the obviously suspicious  look on Ichika’s face, Tatenashi calms down.

(Wh- Wh- What am I――!?  Even though wounds are definitely closed by nanomachine treatment, embryo stem cell transplant and organic adhesive film……)


My body.

My sensitive, soft and fair skin.

By Ichika.

By the big hand’s of a boy.


Tatenashi screams and even her ears turn red.

「I- I should stop after all――」

While saying so, Ichika’s fingers touched her skin.


「Oh, I really don’t understand wounds at all. Hmm, it’s amazing……」




「hmmh, huhh, I seeee, uh-huh」

For some reason, Ichika on his own and without permission, softly touched and poked Tatenashi’s stomach with a serious face, doing it as much as he liked and occasionally caressing it.

(Haa……! Ngh, hmpf……! St- Stop……any further and――Aaahh!!)

Through Ichika’s eyes, through his fingers, Tatenashi ascertained by body temperature, fell into an illusion as if all of her clothes have been stripped.

And then when her excitement was about to reach the critical limit, an uncouth voice was suddenly heard.

「Just what are you guys doing?」


「You- You- You shouldn’t do that! This is an order from your instructor! 」

It was Chifuyu and Maya who entered the room.

They came to see the condition of IS Academy’s currently most valuable combatant, cornerstone of defense, strongest student council president, Sarashiki Tatenashi.

As such, Chifuyu and Maya are being diligent teachers.

「It- It- It- It- It’s nothing! Ahaa, ahahaa!」

While putting her uniform back on, Tatenashi slaps Ichika’s hand away.

「Huh? Huh?」

Not understanding why his hands were struck, Ichika had a perplexed look on his face.

Seeing the look on his face, Tatenashi glared back instead.


「It’s nothing……」

「Is that so. That’s good」

Although she was putting on airs with her usual coolness, you could clearly see the lack of composure in Chifuyu’s eyes.

「Hey Sarashiki」

「What is it?」

「What happened to your usual folding fan?」

She hit a sore spot.

Still, Tatenashi did not hurry, she took out her folding fan like how she usually does it.


Tatenashi notices she took out the wrong fan by mistake and puts it away in a panic.

「This- This one, here」

The fan with『Invincible』written on it was in her hand.

「Hey Sarashiki」


「Did you fall in love?」

The fan screamed under the pressure when she unintentionally squeezed her hand.

「Wh- What, on what grounds, such a, ahaha?」

「Your face is stiff」

「No- No, it isn’t, see, really――」

While taking out another fan, her hand slips and a dozen fans fall out like early summer rain.

「I-I made a small mistake, haha」

Tatenashi tries to pick up the fallen fans.

Then, Ichika lends a hand.

「I’ll help」

「I’m- I’m fine……」

「Now now, you don’t need to say it」

Suddenly, their hands touch each other.


Tatenashi was surprised and withdrew her hand.

At that reaction, Ichika just looked on with a curious face.


While tightly grasping her right hand which touched Ichika, Tatenashi turns her face away.

(N- No, after all……no!)

She became conscious.

Of Ichika.

As a member of the opposite sex.

She sees him as an object of romantic affection.

(Aah, I’m so stupid……! Because I was so engrossed in such a thing――)

Probably more than what was necessary.

Her true feelings ―― even though she wanted to touch more and more.

(Even I notice it……)

Going any further isn’t good.

She needs to keep her distance before she ruins herself.

The name『Tatenashi』is not to be taken lightly.

The position as head of the Sarashiki family can’t be given up so easily.


Chifuyu and Maya did not miss the slightly pained expression Tatenashi had.

(It was……love)

(It’s……love, isn’t it?)

Ignorant of what each of the three women’s thoughts were, Ichika holds out the fans he gathered to Tatenashi.

「Here, Tatenashi-san」

At that innocent face, the still shocked Tatenashi gets embarrassed.

「A- Anyway, because it’s all fine today. Ichika-kun, I’m assigning you a student council job」

「Okay. If everything is fine already」

He is quick to learn the job.

――Not good.

I’m digging a deeper hole.

「Well then, keep Kanzashi-chan company」

「No, I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now」

――No, I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now

――I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now

――I’m staying with Tatenashi-san


With her face turning so red that steam seems to puff out, Tatenashi rushes out of the room.

「Huh, what?」

Ichika tilts his neck while looking at the situation dumbfounded.

「This natural gigolo」

Chifuyu bumps Ichika with a kick in the butt using the tip of her shoes.

That night, Tatenashi went soaking in the bathtub and pondered.

(What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?)

I like Ichika――.

Those feelings won’t stop.

Even though she understands it’s a forbidden feeling, she can’t help it.

(I have to do something, I have to do something, I have to do something……)

Is it better to remove Ichika from the student council?


Because we’re in different school years, we wouldn’t be able to meet up anymore.

Then, think of a way to transfer Ichika outside the academy for some reason.

(That’s usually a bad idea. In order to get the IS 『Byakushiki』, various organizations and countries would start moving)

Then what would be the best thing to do?

「I wouldn’t be having a hard time if I knew……」

She sinks her mouth in the bathtub, the bubbling creates foam.

(Haah…… I’m unexpectedly no good)

I thought that I could do anything by myself.

In fact, I was able to do most things alone.

But I really wanted to call someone.

――to take me out of here.

The 『here』 called loneliness.

「I told my name……」

My real name, Katana.

It must not be told to anyone other than family members.


(Wh- When- When that happens, I- I- I can’t do anything but make you a member of the family)

I’ve come to such a conclusion.

Sarashiki Ichika…… Yeah, not bad.

『Tatenashi, the rice is done』

『Really, Ichika. You still haven’t fixed it even though I always remind you. It should be Ka-ta-na, right? 』

『That’s right, sorry Katana』

『When apologizing, you should embrace me tightly……You’re so sly』

『A kiss then――』




「Onee-chan, your nose is bleeding」


With a kerplunk, Kanzashi was suddenly soaked in the bathtub next to her with an innocent look.

「Wh- Wh- Wh……」

At the sudden appearance of Kanzashi, Tatenashi stood up on reflex.

――Why are you suddenly here!?

「Were you thinking about something indecent……?」

「N- No! No I wasn’t! By the way Kanzashi-chan, you know this is the second-year dormitory, right !? Why are you here!」

「Onee-chan, I’m worried about you」

But that was a lie.

(In truth, I’m performing reconnaissance on a rival……)

I stick my tongue out in my mind.

A young lady in love is occasionally cunning.

「Onee-chan, for the time being……sit down」

「Wh- What is it, really……」

At her little sister’s command, a somewhat uneasy Tatenashi slowly sits down .

At that moment, Kanzashi was fixedly staring at the heavily growing fruit of her chest.

「Wh- What?」

「Ichika said you have ”great style” and praised you, huh ……?」

But I was not praised, sarcasm added.

However the voice did not reach Tatenashi, Ichika said『Because I have great style』, those words repeated infinitely inside her head.

『Tatenashi-san has great style, you know?』

『such- such a thing……but it’s……』

『Then, I wonder if you would allow me to savor this lively body』

『No, wait, hey……nngh!』




「Onee-chan, your nose……is still bleeding」


Thus, the sisters’ bath turned slightly red.

「Well then, if you’re not going soon」

In a classroom after school, Cecilia was blocking the way towards the student council room.

「Wait, Ichika-san」

「Cecilia? What is it?」

That hands-on-waist pose, looks good as always.

As expected of someone who won the popular vote, by far and away, in the UK representative cadet gravure special.

「This time, I, Cecilia Alcott, in order to help all IS Academy student, is thinking about becoming a student council executive」

She puffs her chest out with an *ahem*.

That well-proportioned bust line is as beautiful as ever.

「Oh, is that so? Do you want me to recommend you?」

While Ichika said so in admiration, Cecilia eyes shined with sparkles and nodded in agreement.

「Yes. By all means!」

After tightly grasping Ichika’s hand, Cecilia intertwined their arms in order to dance nimbly.

「Well then, let’s go…….before the nuisance comes」

「Wait a minute!」

A voice echoed through the hallway.

Needless to say, the lively voice belonged to Rin.

「Did you want something, Rin-san? Then we’ll get to it after we go to the student council room 」

「Hey hey! What’s with the holding hands, Cecilia!?」

「Oh, it’s a lady’s privilege to monopolize the arms of a man. That’s natural」

Cecilia huffs with the grace of victory drifting around, she brushes her hair with her hands.

At that moment, the sweet smell of roses spread softly.

(Argh…….Even though- Even though I had sprinkled peach perfume on me……!)

Even though I put a lot of effort into buying this perfume, it’s pointless if Ichika doesn’t notice.

But, with Cecilia sticking closer to him, there is little hope.

(What’s with you? Ichika, you idiot!)

While her mood was sinking a bit, Ichika suddenly touched Rin’s hair.

「Huh? Rin, you have a somewhat nice smell」


「What is the smeet swell? Hmm」

While carefully handling one of her twintails, Ichika shockingly sniffed and smelled it.

It was unbearably embarrassing; Rin blushed and bowed her head in shame.

「Th- That’s, occasionally, I put on some perfume……Ehehe」

「Really!? Rin does things like wearing perfume, that’s somewhat adult-like!」

At Ichika’s words, Rin’s face beamed with energy.

「Is- Is that so? Does- Does it not suit me?」

「Not at all, Rin has a nice smell, Cecilia has a nice smell as well」

Cecilia, who thought about interrupting at the right timing, became dizzy from Ichika’s surprise direct attack.

「I-Ichika-san, how did you know about the perfume ……?」

Seemingly throbbing, Cecilia asked.

Her cheeks are slightly red.

「That’s because, all girls like to smell nice. I’ve come to know it well. Cecilia’s is rose, right? But the lavender , the other day was good as well」

「Oh, Oh! Then I think I should wear a different perfume everyday for Ichika-san’s nose to enjoy」

Cecilia placed her hand on her cheek, entranced.

While she was doing so, Rin also intertwined her arms with Ichika’s.

「Hey, hey Ichika. Can you only recommend one person for the student council? Even though I also want to become helpful to everyone」

Rin said so while laughing bashfully.

Ichika took it seriously and had a smile on his face.

「I will ask Tatenashi-san. It may be okay」

「Ye- Yeah! Thanks, Ichika」

Cecilia was angrily frowning on the opposite side but the joy from being praised for her perfume was greater.

(Yes, I will train Ichika to be a gentleman of my liking……This is the start of the Ichika Alcott plan)

Imagining Ichika supporting her, the soon-to-be head of the Alcott Group, Cecilia’s heart was fluttering.

And, at the opposite side――

(What’s with you, Ichika? I don’t know if he really understood. Then, I can’t start thinking about the Orimura Rin Project after all!)

Soon, Rin will fight in the IS International Tournament 『Mondo Grosso』 but it isn’t necessary to be a part of China to do so.



Rising from Ichika’s left and right, are mysterious yet lustrous auras.

It was like the fragrance of flowers.


Decisively, point-blank.

Tatenashi shot firmly with a cold voice.


「Why is that!?」

Rin and Cecilia naturally snapped back.

So, here in the IS Academy Student Council room, in front of President Tatenashi’s desk.

「Don’t you want my help!? You should be thankful !」

「Forget about Rin-san, why did you reject my, Cecilia Alcott’s offer!?」


Both struck the desk.

「……You. Aren’t you somehow making a fool out of me? 」

「I’m doing no such thing. Not at all」

Then once again, facing Tatenashi.

「「What’s the reason!?」」

「Because we already have enough people」

She pointed at Kanzashi who was typing on a keyboard at high speed earlier.

「……Hello, I, Sarashiki Kanzashi, was appointed as an Orimura One Division student council executive at this time 」

She bowed.

It was the most contrived thing.

「”Orimura One Division”, you say……」

「Yes, it’s the division that primarily does the schedule and management of Orimura Ichika」

「Don’t make bad puns!」

*note: the joke is that the division name when spoken is “Orimura Ichika” but is written with different Japanese characters

Rin retorted.

「O- Orimura, Ichika……pf, pffft, pfff」

It somehow hit the mark with Cecilia.

「Oh, Kanzashi is in charge of me? The scheduler of Nohohon-san is saved because he is irresponsible and can’t understand what’s going on」

Ichika said so carefree.

「Yes……please take care of me」

Kanzashi was smiling.


Tatenashi was getting anxious for some reason of the distance between Ichika and Kanzashi.

「*sigh*……. The tea is delicious」

Feigning ignorance was Nohotoke Utsuho.

「Nhaaa. The cake is really taaastyyyy today as well because of the weather」

Nohohon-san ate the snacks ravenously.

――In the extreme chaos of the student council room, the loud sound of a fan opening reverberated within.


On it, was the word『Contest』.

「In one week, I declare that we will hold a contest for the first-years, a representative cadet versus match athletic meet for Ichika!」

Tatenashi’s voice was diginified and bright, but, she blushed when her eyes met Ichika’s and then she turned away.

――Anyway, the location of the decisive battle was prepared.

The life of a maiden in love is short.

Before a person you like is taken away by someone, you must take him.

If you reach out your hand, glory can be achieved.

So, there lies the battlefield (paradise)!


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  1. Hello~ thank you very much for the work~!! It’s really nice to have someone transating IS progressing again~

    – 「……Hello, I, Sarashiki Tatenashi, was appointed as an Orimura One Division student council executive at this time」 (It should be Sarashiki Kanzashi the one that doing this introduction?)

    – 「Oh, Kanzashi is in charge of me? The scheduler of Nohohon-san is saved because “he” (kinda off, shouldn’t it be “she”? isn’t Nohohon-san is a girl? the one wearing fox pajama in the anime right?) is irresponsible and can’t understand what’s going on」

    It should be like that, sorry if i’m mistaken about this. Idk if the original is have that typo

    Anyway, looking forward for translation of the rest of the novel~ >_<)_b


    • Thank you, I appreciate that.
      Yes, Kanzashi is introducing herself. (thank you for the correction)
      Yes, Nohohon is the girl wearing fox pajamas.
      “he” is right because I believe Ichika implies he is Nohohon’s scheduler. He is being humble about his capabilities and is grateful for Kanzashi’s assistance.


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