The Anatomy of Infinite Stratos: IS Academy Gym Suit Translation

IS Academy Gym Suit

The top of the gym suit specified by the IS Academy is a sleeveless shirt with an American collar, the color surrounding  the collar is different according to the school year, deep red for this year’s first-year students, yellow for second-year students, moss green for third-year students.

Though the bottom became extinct due to the gender-free ideology partial to the beginning of this century, In the society where women are placed higher than men after the introduction of IS, the legendary equipment 「Bloomers」 was quickly reissued for use whose restoration from the same sex era was strongly hoped for as a style that strongly emphasizes high functionality, fine healthy sight of a woman and majesty.

The color is uniformly red.

The gym suit can be individually customized as well like the uniform, other than the choice of various bloomers, it is possible to equip variations of such things like socks and gloves with added anti-UV function.


Hard-support Bloomers

It is used mainly in athletic clubs.

The muscles are supported with little elastic fabric, the exposure area is increased at the same time the efficiency of heat radiation is raised.


Classic-style Bloomers

While preventing the abdomen from getting cold due to the large protection area, mobility is guaranteed as well due to the soft fabric.

Although the latest functional fabric that science has to offer is used contrary to its appearance, the problem of needing to periodically adjust the position of the part covering the gluteus maximus has still yet to be solved.


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