Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Chapter 2 Translation

Chapter 2「Run, Fall Grand Athletic Meet! (Fighting Now!)」

The following week, at the hastily held Grand Athletic Meet for first-years only, the upperclassmen were chased for the preparations.

Naturally some of them, being girls as well said 『I have the right to fight for Orimura Ichika because I am also a representative candidate 』and there was quite a disturbance.

Eventually, Tatenashi established the『Backstage Points』 systems, where the student who contributes more than a certain number will be given the right to do something with Ichika, and with that the protest more or less ended.

――Thus, on the day of the tournament.

「Well then, the first-year representative cadet versus match grand athletic meet is now open!」

At Tatenashi’s voice, *cheer*!

Shouts of joy go up.

「For the athlete’s oath of fair play, Orimura Ichika!」

*ka-pow*, Tatenashi points at Ichika, the only person wearing shorts.


Ichika was bewildered by the sudden and without warning athlete’s oath but it’s not like Tatenashi to let a prey escape.

「Come on, come on, hurry」

「ow ow oww!」

Ichika was pulled by the arm on to the stage.


Before him were all women.

Furthermore, they were all wearing bloomers which revealed the very dazzling beauty of the slender female legs and hipline.

(Those, those are tempting……)

Why is everyone even Tatenashi and the stagehand upperclassmen wearing bloomers?

Ichika somehow, quite bashfully speaks.

「Uh, err, ……I-I am Orimura Ichika」

That’s wrong, Tatenashi comes to retort.

Her bulging chest touches his elbows slightly, conveying its softness and firmness.

「The- The player’s oath!」

Saying so with his voice cracking up, words of encouragement sprang up from among the girls.

「Orimura-kun, do your best」

「Fighttt! Show us your coolness」

「Heheh, smile, smile Orimu」

While blushing further, Ichika somehow continues speaking in such a shrill voice.

「W-We, promise to compete, fairly and ……with all our might!」

With that as a start, an especially large cheer comes out again from the girls of all year levels.

However, there were six people who did not join in the big wave.

The red team leader, Shinonono Houki.

「I won’t lose to anyone. I will win, for Ichika……fufu」

The blue team leader, Cecilia Alcott.

「Elegantly and Perfectly, it’s been decided. Ichika-san」

The pink team leader, Huang Lingyin.

「I will win! I will aaaaabsolutely win! So wait for me, Ichikaaa!」

The orange team leader, Charlotte Dunois.

「I have the right to become forceful too, you know? Ichika」

The black team leader, Laura Bodewig.

「The same room with Ichika……on the same bed everyday……fufu, kufufu. Fuhahaha!」

The iron team leader, Sarashiki Kanzashi.

「”Iron”, is a color……? For the time being, it’s a color……?」

Six people who are burning with fighting spirit.

And then, Ichika who is descending from the stage while sighing is suddenly embraced by Tatenashi from behind.

「Heeey, you have the leading role! Don’t be absentminded♪」

「Wo-Woah. Please stop that! I’ll be killed if they see this」

「It’s alright. Because I’m strong」

「No, I am not alright」

「We’ve just entered a blind spot,  we won’t be seen, we won’t be seen」

「*sigh*, good grief……」

When Ichika smiled, surrendering to the situation, Tatenashi who up until then had been taking the initiative, blushed, let go and jumped off.

「? Tatenashi-san?」

「Well, then, I’m, because I’m busy with the coverage and other things!」

She says so and runs away from that situation.

「Eh. Wait」

While furiously running away, Tatenashi’s face became bright red at feeling Ichika’s body and his smile, also at the slight smell of a young man.

(I-I’m, so unsteady, what am I……)

I’ve lost self-control.

Tatenashi was displaying the uncontrollable feelings of a girl.

The Grand Athletic Meet has finally begun.

The first event was the fifty meter dash.

A fired-up Rin immediately set out towards the stands, found and caught Ichika.

「Hey, Ichika. Help me stretch out. Push my back」

Rin said so with her legs spread for calisthenics, also wearing bloomers.

Ichika becomes dizzy at the very dazzling beauty of her slender legs.

(Wh- What is it? I’ve been a bit strange since the attack on the academy the other day……)

He had this weird feeling, 『The opposite sex』, towards all the usual girls surrounding him.

That feeling is different than the one with Chifuyu, the heartbeats were clear.

「Ichika? What are you doing? Hurry up」


As told, he pushes Rin’s back.

Hi heart fluttered at the 『Softness』 that’s clearly different from a boy’s.

Furthermore, he also felt through his fingertips a hard spot, the form of a bra, by pushing her back.

(Even Rin wears a bra……)

He absentmindedly  thought of such an obvious thing for some reason.



「Wait Ichika. That- That hurts ow ow!」

Before he knew it, her body had folded excessively and Rin screamed.

「What are you doing, you idiot!?」

「Oh, sorry. I was a bit fascinated」


Rin is flabbergasted.

Ichika is also flabbergasted.

Both of them stared at each other dumbfounded.

「My- My bad. I’ll be leaving now」

「Oh, err, yeah……」

「Well, then」

「Ye- Yeah」

Five other people were staring very intently at the two who were embarrassed for some reason.

「Grrrr, that Rin……」


「Getting a head start isn’t allowed……」

「Should I take her left arm?」

「……Unfair, 10000000x」




And then the first event, the fifty meter dash began.


The pistol made a loud noise and was smoking.


Jumping out with long swinging twintails was Rin.

Like a ninja in training, her hair never drooping down.

「Oohh, Rin’s team suddenly gets the first point!」

Doing the coverage was not Tatenashi but the newspaper club’s ace, Mayuzumi Kaoruko.

Her trademark glasses and camera are shining brightly today as well.

「Nooow, Orimura-kun. Your thoughts!?」

Kaoruko shoves the microphone towards Ichika.

「Well, Rin is nimble, which is good, isn’t it?」

「What’s with that!? I need you to be fired up more, Leading man!」

Even if you say so, Ichika thought. Anyway, it seems like not praising the girls is out of the question today.

It can’t be helped. I have to come up with a comment again.

「I think she’s cute」

Hearing that announcement, all the girls suddenly started showing motivation.

And Rin who was wiping her sweat, became bright red.

「……Okay! I will get second place for Team Houki!」

「Ahh! Houki-cchi is also trying to get praised!」

「Wh-……!? I- I only want to decrease the gap in points」

「Again and again」

While receiving elbows from several friends, Houki was making excuses, and next to her was Cecilia stretching carefully.

「For me, victory is for the best. Therefore only I am suited for victory」

She gently flips her hair to the side.

As usual, the sweet smell of luxurious cologne spreads around.

「I won’t lose as well!」

Grunting and standing tip-toed, she stretches her back to loosen the muscles along the spine.


After taking a breath by the way, the arched breasts swayed like jelly.

「Ooooh, Team Charlotte! Is it a sex appeal trick!?」

「Eh, Eehh!? That’s- That’s wron――」

「Cunning! Cunning as expected! The French cadet representative, Charlotte Dunois!」

「That’s- That’s wrong though!」

She glares at Ichika while hurriedly hiding her breasts.

False accusations, misunderstandings and unfounded suspicions are directed towards the person being glared at.

Ichika just turns away, telling Charlotte「I have nothing to do with it! 」, his face shaking.

However, it was the start of a cruel fifty-meter dash.

「On your mark……get set. Gooo!!」

The pop of the pistol reverberates, Houki and Cecilia rush out.

Then a confused Charlotte runs after them, her legs get tangled and falls over magnificently.

「No- No way!……」

Charlotte was tearing up over her blunder while looking at Cecilia who finished over the other side.


Furthermore, she had scratched her knees.

She was feeling more and more depressed when Ichika suddenly came over.

「Are you okay, Char? Are you hurt?」

「Eh…….No, err ……」

「Didn’t you hurt your knees? Hey, I’ll carry you on my back to the first aid tent over there!」

「N-No, I-, that’s-……!」

Charlotte can’t hide her trembling at this unexpected development.

However, because her legs are really in pain, although a bit shy, she climbed onto Ichika’s back.


「I-Ichika, am I……not heavy?」

「Not at all. You’re like cotton candy」

「Is- Is that so? Ehehe……」

Houki and Cecilia turned with outrage and a look of envy towards Charlotte who found a chance in an unexpected place.

「Even though I came in first place……!」

「I won’t forgive you, Charlotte-san……!」

Utterly ignorant of those two, Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed Ichika’s back.

(Ichika’s back, is really big……)

She could feel the simplicity and elegance of design of the muscles attached firmly to his frame.

Charlotte had a strong reaction of a 『Girl』within her towards the part of the 『Opposite Sex』that is impossible to remove for girls.

On the other hand, for Ichika, he could feel the swells of her chest on his back, the softness of her thighs and most of all, the suffocating sweet smell of a girl, his heart was racing.

(This- This is bad…….this is really bad for me!)

Why it’s bad, he could not explain in words.

It is a very normal reaction of a healthy teenage boy to a girl but he called it a state of emergency.

「Well, Char, should we hurry a bit?」

「Eh? Ye- Yeah」

「Well, uhh, hold on tightly!」

Ichika said so and ran towards the first aid tent in one go while carrying Charlotte on his back.

He entrusted Charlotte to the school doctor, said 「Well then! 」and left.

「Ah, wait, Ichika」

Charlotte, who tried to say thanks, slowly retracted her outstretched hand.

(Ehehe. But, perhaps it was luck♪)

Charlotte was engulfed in joy while stroking the thighs that Ichika touched.






After briefly seeing Charlotte piggyback-carried, Laura and Kanzashi for some reason had faces that were deep in thought as they took their positions on the starting line of the 50 meter dash.


All the girls rushed out at the same time the pistol exploded.

However, only Laura and Kanzashi fell utterly and unnaturally.

「Medic, where’s the medic?」

「Ow ow ow oww 」

Ichika saw that and silently approached Laura and Kanzashi, and hit them with a paper fan given to him quickly by Kaoruko.

A loud smack was heard.

「What- What are you doing!?」

「That hurts……」

Ignoring the looks of both girls that were objecting, Ichika made Laura and Kanzashi stand by picking them up under their arms.

「I’ll really hit you if you do something that stupid」



Ichika forgives the dejected duo with a sigh and brushes off the soil sticking to their bodies.

「Go on, run, run. Although you’re already going to finish last」

Laura and Kanzashi’s faces were flushed at the unexpected body touch.

「Ye- Yeah!」

「I’ll- I’ll do my best」

Thus, they finished the 50 meter dash.

In this competition, Rin’s team finished first.

「Now then, the next event is the IS Academy special event, 『Ball Shootdown』!」

Kaoruko roars energetically into the mic.

「Ball……Shootdown? 」

It’s not a ball-toss game, right? Ichika asks. Just coming back from the girls’ circuit burst, a revived Tatenashi explains.

「This is a traditional school contest! Each team must shoot down balls falling from the sky using their IS! Furthermore, the smaller you shoot, the higher the score」

「That’s ridiculous……」

「Isn’t it more fun this way?」

Tatenashi opens an『Amusement』folding fan, broadly grinning with a suspicious smile.

「Now, each representative cadet start preparing! Also, IS suits are banned in this tournament! Enchant with your bloomers♪」

There is only one person to enchant.

「Hohoho, is it me?」

The old school janitor felt embarrassed.

「It’s not you! Perverted old man! 」

Kaoruko, whose butt was caressed, immediately threw a high kick.

The mysterious old man nimbly evaded it and went away.

「Well then, the target-throwing machine in the center field is set-up!」

Particles of light assembled and formed into devices.

Using the latest technology even in an athletic meet, Ichika began to see the IS Academy’s greatness in a new light.

「Now, is everybody ready!? From here on out, I, Sarashiki Tatenashi, the student council president will send things off with my live commentary! 」

Tatenashi declares loudly, high-fiving and replacing Kaoruko.

Just then, Kaoruko sets up the camera and surveyed all the representative cadets.

「With all my heart and soul. I am ready for battle. I will stop only in defeat! 」

Shinonono Houki, IS『Akatsubaki』.

「Please enjoy, a rondo played by me, Cecilia Alcott and 『Blue Tears』」

Cecilia Alcott, IS『Blue Tears』.

「It’s not limited to just shooting, so I’ll show you all my true strength!」

Huang Lingyin, IS『Shenlong』。

「I won’t lose when it comes to mobility. Let’s go『Revive』! 」

Charlotte Dunois, IS 『Rafale-Revive Custom II』.

「Realize your powerlessness」

Laura Bodewig, IS『Schwarzer Regen』.

「……I have to try and take a chance. Alright『Uchigane Nishiki』」

Sarashiki Kanzashi, IS『Uchigane Nishiki』。

There was a big excitement at the gathering of the first year’s personal machines.

「Go for it, Houki-chi!」

「Don’t lose, Cecilia!」

「Rin! Go, Rin! 」

「Good luck, Dunois-san! 」

「Crush them, Laura-san!」

「Wow. Is Kan-chan going to okay? She’s going to be okay, right? This is going to be hard.」

All six received encouragement and formed a circle around the equipment.

Each one flew nimbly, accustomed to the movement.

「Well then, start shooting down the balls with your IS!」

At the same time, multicolored balls of various sizes fires out of the machine.

They soared into the air and the first to seize them was Charlotte.

「《Rain of Saturday》!」

Charlotte immediately deploys submachine guns in both hands, shooting down target after target akimbo-style.

The points started pouring into the scoreboard like rain.

「Not bad……But! 」

A red figure flew next to Charlotte, firing upwards while maintaining a constant distance.


Houki continues to ascend spinning while using《Karaware》and《Amazuki》of『Akatsubaki』to cut the target to pieces.

「Oh, Houki-san. Can I have those targets?」

Flashes of blue light fired all around Houki.

Those were BT Lasers fired by bits from Cecilia’s『Blue Tears』.

「It’s the most valuable gold ball. I’m going to shoot it down! 」

The target split in half right at where Cecilia tried to aim with 《Starlight Mk. III》.

「Hehe! I was aiming for this! 」

Rin’s《Souten Gagetsu》 cuts it in half with a single stroke.

Furthermore, the shock cannons were fired downwards at maximum power.

「Hehe. What a big haul――huh!?」

The shock cannon’s energy disperses before it hits the target.

If you look closely, the target also stopped falling.

「This is……It’s Laura! 」

The《Active Inertia Canceller》 of the IS『Schwarzer Regen』formed a protective barrier.

The barrier that can stop inertia stopped the balls’ descent.

「Heh.――It’s mine! 」

*Whaaam*!! The large caliber railgun roared loudly, spitting out flames.

In the next instant, the AIC completely destroyed the balls floating still in a straight line.

That carefully aimed blow instantly set a new mark for the scores.

「Oooh, did she just win with this? Hm, hey, Ichika-kun! Give her some praises! 」

「Eehh!? Uhh……Good job, Laura! 」

Ichika had no choice but to respond to Tatenashi’s extreme style with very safe words.

However, it seems it was enough for Laura’s cheeks to blush slightly.

「Ye-Yes! If it’s me, this sort of thing is……hehe」

The other participants glared with scornful eyes at Laura, tapping her index fingers together.

However, someone also felt this would be a good opportunity.

「Multi-lock-on complete……」

The balls that continued to be spewed out were locked-on to and missiles were fired at all of them.

It was the 『Uchigane Nishiki』attacking all at once.

「Sarashiki Kanzashi scores some points! I also, as an older sister, am so proud. Do your best, Kanzashi-chan! 」

「Uh, do you usually play favorites this much!?」

「Eh, no, that was a bit much, Aha」

Kanzashi had a bright red face that screamed「Stop it, onee-chan……stop」at the noise from the commentator’s seat.

After that, as the game was reaching the climax, at the moment where everyone has roughly the same amount of points, Houki thought by herself.

(Isn’t there something I can do to turn things around?……)

Like a *boom* to blast away my rivals.

Like a *bang* that I can boast to Ichika.

(That’s it!)

If she could fire the ranged-weapon she took out, 《Ugachi》, at the last moment――it’s possible.

(The timing is essential……And, they must not realize it)

Houki looked up at the sky, a furious dogfight broke out.

「Hey Cecilia, stop being a nuisance!」

「That was my prey, Laura-san!」

「Woah, Cecilia! Don’t suddenly go in front of me!」

「You’re in the way, Charlotte……」

「Heh! I’m going to take away your points, Rin! 」

Right now, five people are scrambling for prey.

(Now’s my chance!)

Houki’s eyes shined with a sparkle.

She landed immediately to use the high-output energy cannon, 《Ugachi》.

She dropped her lower body, deployed the shoulder unit and started charging energy.

(If I can do it at just the right time……alright!)

Though Houki was smiling with full confidence, the situation became increasingly complex at the same time.

「I got it!」

Rin avoids Cecilia’s sniping.

「Hey, that was dangerous!」

*Bam*, Rin’s body collided with Charlotte.


Charlotte is thrown off-balance, scattering machinegun bullets.


The bullets hit Kanzashi’s missiles causing explosions.

「Huh!? Wh-What the? 」

Her back pushed by the blast, Laura fires the revolver cannon on impulse.

――Right towards Houki.


Though she avoided a direct hit, it caused the beam from 《Ugachi》to shift.

And, as for where it ended up――

「Wa- waitwaitwait! You know this equipment is expensive, right!?」

Tatenashi cries in vain. The energy blast hits the game equipment directly causing a loud boom and scattering of parts.

「Oh, no, this is, that……」

Everyone in the venue focus their gaze at Houki.

Obviously, with disapproving looks.

「H-Hmph! What a poorly built machine! 」

The venue fell silent.

Tatenashi opens her mouth with great difficulty.

「……Team Houki, minus 200 points」

Gyaaa! Houki’s scream echoed out.

「Moving along, the next match is the military obstacle course!」

Tatenashi vigorously sounds out.

With no crackling sounds, it seems the microphone used was of pretty decent quality.

「Umm, it may be pointless to ask but, what obstacle course?」

「 Military」


「You don’t know?」


After letting out a sigh towards an unsatisfied Ichika, Tatenashi grabs the microphone again.

「Alright, let me explain! In this military obstacle course, first, you must put together a disassembled assault rifle! 」

Tatenashi points towards a table with gun parts placed on it.

「Then, carry the assembled rifle up a 3-meter ladder and walk across a 5-meter steel frame while maintaining your balance!」

Don’t worry because there’s a safety net below♪ she says, not forgetting to wink.

「After that, slide down a pole and land, then crawl underneath the netting. Of course, while holding the rifle with both hands! 」

Thinking that it would seem tactless to retort, Ichika just says “is that so?” and nods.

「And then the long-awaited finale! Firing practice with live ammunition! One bullet only! If you miss, you must come back and get another one! 」

Since this is the IS Academy, the participants were growing very hot with excitement.

However, Ichika couldn’t help but feel tired.

「This school is too extreme」

「Hehe, just accept it」

The word, 『Philosophical』, was written on Tatenashi’s fan.

「Yoo-hoo, Orimu. Watch me, watch me」

It was Kanzashi’s team member, Nohohon-san waving her arm.

Ichika responds by waving his arms as well, and everyone from the first set of runners waved back in return.

「Oh my, you’re quite popular」

「That’s because they’re only being curious」

「……I wonder……」

Ichika, not able to hear Tatenashi’s small grumble, tried to ask her when he was interrupted by the sound of the starting pistol.

Pop! The girls start running all at once.

「Wow, Nohohon-san is really slow!」

「Now now, just watch」

Finally arriving at the table, the last-place, Nohohon-san rearranges the gun parts.

While doing so, the other girls are briskly assembling their rifles.

Ichika was getting impatient when somehow Nohohon-san suddenly finished her rifle.


No crookedness, a completely perfect form.

Holding the rifle triumphantly with both hands, Nohohon-san took the lead by two to three steps while the other girls were dumbfounded.

「No- No way. Nohohon-san is……」

「That girl is good at assembling things」

「No, not just good」

「The sisters are aces of the maintenance division. They are amazing」

Speaking of which, he remembered something.

Utsuho of Dismantling.

Honne of Construction.

They were the Nohotoke Sisters.

「But everything has a weakness」


Tatenashi points to Nohohon-san who was shooting.

Bang! The bullets fly out with a peculiar explosive sound.

However, the bullet flew in the wrong direction despite the form looking good.

「Oh my, that’s strange」

Honne tilts her head in confusion and returns to pick a bullet.

However, the next bullet, and the one after, and the one after that all missed, eventually ending up in last place.

「That’s it……Nohohon-san got zero points for shooting……」

What a regrettable thing.

However, as he was about to send her a consoling look, Ichika and Nohohon-san’s eyes met.

「Heey, Orimuu. Hehee, did you see my hard work? 」

Each time she skipped, her big breast swayed heavily and nonchalantly.

Ichika, who was looking straight at it, his face bright red, averted his gaze.



「Owowow, huh!?」

His side was suddenly pinched.

Naturally, it was Tatenashi’s doing.

「Help me with the live coverage quickly, boy!」

「Okay, I get it……」

Grasping the mic handed to him tightly, Ichika shouts.

「Good Luck Everyoneeeeee!!」

Every girl’s eye color changed simultaneously.

If Ichika looks, a common ground was also slowly being born.

They can’t help feel a faint glimmer of hope, the pink pattern of thought of a teenage girl.




After the race, there was much excitement as Laura’s team was practising before this match to win.

「Now, it’s my turn!」

Cecilia, who was preserving her strength, emerges from a magnificent lace parasol.

At last, it was the cavalry battle contest.

It’s not particularly different from the typical cavalry battle but it’s not a contest a girl usually does.

「Cecilia Alcott, setting out!」

Cecilia hops onto a three-man horse team gallantly.

On the way up, the emphasis on her rich ass was further intensified.

Navy blue bloomers digging into the white soft fair skin, the contrast of the two is extremely dazzling.


Ichika evaded the painful look he received somehow from Tatenashi by clearing his throat.

「Ichika-kun is a sullen lecher」

「Why is that?!」

「Your gaze was somewhat indecent……」

For some reason, Tatenashi holds herself tightly to protect her body.

Ichika got increasingly flustered at such a pose.

「Don’t look at me with such suspicious eyes!」

Though angry at Tatenashi, he returns to live commentating.

(It’s best not to pay too much attention to it, relax……relax……)

While repeating it in his head, each team started being introduced.

「Now then, all the attention is on the active duty soldier, Laura-chan but oooh, there’s something happening here. A knife was confiscated by Orimura sensei」

「No, things like knives are no good!」

「Orimura-sensei then confiscated a Chinese broadsword from Rin-chan」

「Hey Rin!」

「As for Houki-chan, that’s a katana, right?」

「Are you an idiot!?」

「A chakram was confiscated from Charlotte-chan」

「Char……Even you……」

「Kanzashi-chan doesn’t have anything, right? Onee-chan believed you!」

「This is so embarrassing」

「Now, how about Cecilia-chan? Take out that sniper rifle you’re quietly putting away 」

An “erk” sound effect was thought to be heard.

Anyhow, the jewel of this grand athletic meet, the cavalry battle started with a bang.


「Well then, let the cavalry battle begin!」

Dozens of mounted girls began to move all at once with the sound of a whistle.

Among them, the quickest was Laura’s unit.

「Right wing spread out! Left wing, follow me! 」

The units which an imposing Laura commanded while mounted on ordinary schoolgirls, moved sharply.

「Alright, break through the middle!」

「I won’t let you, Laura!」

Charlotte’s mount stands in front of Laura who started to move.

「Heh. Did you come here to be destroyed! 」

「I won’t lose so easily!」

Repelling the hand trying to grab her headband, Charlotte begins an attack of her own.

However, a battle-hardened Laura would not allow her to reach the headband easily.

「If I use a plasma chop!」

「If you say that then, if I use a pile bunker!」

While talking with each other on and on, the feud between fellow generals continue.

「Hmm, it turned out like this after all……Cecilia!」

「I thought so…..Rin-san! 」

Rin and Cecilia were said to be two mighty rivals facing each other so, auras of a dragon and a tiger surged out from each other.



They crashed into each other; both of their arms stiffen trapping the other’s arms.

「Ce-ci-lia……Just give up! 」

「You should give up, Ri-n-san……!」

*Grrrr*……the jostling for power goes on.

They both vary the amount of power they use to try to break the other’s stance but the arms grappling with each other do not come apart easily.

Rin and Cecilia shake their bodies.

The difference is the amount of shaking from Cecilia’s voluptuous breasts.


And it was the same for Laura as well facing Charlotte.


The Haves and Have Nots.

The world is always unfair.

There’s no god in this world anymore.

It is the cruel and actual truth.

「And there’s also another one, a Have……」

Kanzashi aims at just one spot on Houki.

Houki changes direction in a hurry, caught by inertia and chest shaking.

And that also was used to motivate Kanzashi.

「I absolutely will not lose……!」

The counter-attack begins.

However, all the combatants were astir at the sudden load voice of the announcer.

「Now, Orimura Ichika is here to join the fray! You get 500 points for taking his headband!」

Tatenashi said so.

Incidentally, as usual, this headband has a device that emits an electric current if taken off, and because of this, Ichika can’t help but become desperate.

「I have to be in danger again!?」

「Isn’t it having an intrusion more interesting? Do your best~」

Everyone turns toward Ichika.

It is 500 points after all.

It’s a great chance to rise to the top even for the bottom-place team, it’s impossible for a teenage girl to not get fired up.

「「「Let go of that headbaaaaand!」」」

Everyone simultaneously went towards Ichika.

When stretching out his hand to defend himself from the attack, he accidentally grabbed a girl’s breast in tight hold.

「Aaahn。Orimura-kun, you pervert¶」

I am class number one, Aikawa Kiyoka! She continues.

No, a self-intro isn’t really necessary.


Who said that if you feel bitter about chests, you will be cursed for seven generations? Didn’t you say that?


Rin quickly deploys her IS,『Shenlong』and fires the shock cannon.


In response, Ichika also deployed Byakushiki and put up a shield.

「Keep going!」

Flames burst from the large caliber revolver cannon from the IS, 『Schwarzer Regen』.

「Die! Die!」

Ichika let’s go of the girls he was riding on and soars into the air.

However, a blue flash of light obstructed him.

「If it’s a dog fight then it’s my advantage♪」

The laser bits of『Blue Tears』fires all at once from every direction.

Ichika was able to handle it without any trouble with the left arm shield of 《Setsura》but there is no safe place but up.


「……Checkmate 」

Houki attacks from above and Kanzashi pursues from the ground.

There was no escape anymore.

「He-Help me, Char!」

「――I don’t care」

Ichika was ignored in a huff and engulfed in an explosion the next moment.


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