Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Chapter 3 Translation (incomplete)

Chapter 3「Soap Bubble Daydream」

「That was a terrible experience……」

Worn out by just the morning events, I trudged alone.

On the outer edge of the academy is a relaxation area……a plaza.

Some kids are unrolling sheets on the lawn and some are sitting on the benches installed.

Everyone was murmuring and happily spending time with lunch.

「But what should I do for lunch break?」

Well, should I have lunch with everyone like usual?


「I found Ichikaaa♪」

*Thump*, a slightly heavy thing climbs on my back.

……It was Rin.

「What are you doing?」

「Hehhee. I didn’t stop looking for you. Thank me, thank me」

“Listen here” I thought when I saw Tatenashi-san standing by herself in the corner of my eye.

「Hey, Tatenashi-san. Let’s have lunch with everyone」

「Err, ah, no, that’s……」

Why does she suddenly seem flustered?

「Let’s go,  come on」

I forcibly grab Tatenashi’s still somewhat frozen hand and began to walk.

Tatenashi-san became silent, her cheeks reddening while looking down.

……I wonder why.

Is it because she thinks she’ll be mistaken for a lost child?


We walked a short distance and joined the representative cadets that gathered on a spread out sheet on the lawn.

「Oh, Oneechan」

Hearing Kanzashi made Tatenashi-san embarrassed.

「Ichika, why are you holding hands?」

Houki immediately asked in a state of anger.

「No, leaving that aside, you are messing around with Rin! Why is she on your back!? 」

「Because the view is good」

「Are you a weatherman!?」

“I can’t help it” Rin says and jumps down from my back.

That supple motion was just like a cat.

「Light as ever」

Mainly the chest.

「Ichikaa, I’ll kill you if you’re thinking of something unnecessary」

I wasn’t thinking of anything.

「Well then, shall we sit down Tatenashi-san?」

「Eh, err. But I’m a second-year and……」

Oh, is her declining a rare thing?

「Please don’t say such a thing. Tatenashi’s lunches are one of the things I enjoy」

Tatenashi-san’s cooking is delicious.

Although I am also capable, I can’t make it as delicious as that.

I wonder if she would teach me.

I will ask gently next time.


「Let’s exchange with each other. If you like, we could feed each other but――」


Cecilia and the others suddenly presented side dishes to me when I invited Tatenashi-san.

Wh-What’s going on?

「Wait a minute, wait a minute. How about we settle down first and drink some tea」


This time, Char and the others held out tea thermoses.

「Woah! Calm down! I mean settle down! Tatenashi-san, let’s not keep standing! 」

I repelled the fierce attack from all the girls and made a space for Tatenashi-san next to me.

「Ah, please wait a moment」

The sheet was not sufficient so I spread out a handkerchief on the spot where Tatenashi sat.

「There you go」

「Th-Thank you……」

“Kneeling and sitting on your heels is a bit–” I thought so I couldn’t help it, I can’t have the soft fair skin of a young girl be on the lawn.

However, everyone had a face of maximum displeasure for some reason when I behaved that way.

「Ichika, partiality towards your seniors is intolerable 」

「What’s with you, Houki?  I was taught to be respectful to seniors.  And besides, she is a girl」

「If that’s the case then first, as a lady, I would like you to escort me! 」

「It’s impossible for me to match someone of your standing, Cecilia」

「Ichikaa, treat me to a parfait next time. The one from the front of the San Diego station」

「Why should I, Rin? I mean, you! Pay me back for the bill from middle school! 」

「You know, Ichika, would you not like to try enrolling to the Gentleman Training Experience School? I could accompany you」

「If it’s being a gentleman, I should just follow your example, Charl」

「Become my shield in the battlefield」

「That’s not being a gentleman anymore, Laura」

「Oneechan only……that’s unfair」

「It can’t be helped, Kanzashi」

At such back and forth arguing, Tatenashi-san opened her folding fan.

「That’s right. Let’s do it like this」

The word『Equality』is on the folding fan.

「Starting now, everyone will have ten minutes  to have lunch with just Ichika alone. Everyone can enjoy that way, right?」

The color of everyone’s eyes changed at Tatenashi-san’s proposal.

「That is certainly good!」

The one who broke the ice was Houki.

Holding a lunch box in her hand and eyes shining intensely.

「Indeed, that’s a really good idea」

When Rin also agreed, the rest of the girls also nodded in agreement.

「Well then, we’ll determine the order by rock, paper, scissors〜. Ready, set, go」

Rock, paper……scissors!

「Yes, I’m first!」

Rin poses triumphantly.

「I am second……I guess this is all right」

Cecilia flips her hair.

「I’m the third? Yeah, not bad」

Houki folds her arms.


Kanzashi  mutters.

「Damn, I’m falling behind……」

Laura said frustrated and thereupon Charl whispered something to her ear.


「Hmm……? Hrm……。I see……That’s right!」

It seems they’ve made some kind of agreement.

Not being suspicious of women’s secret discussions is proper etiquette for a man.

「Huh? What are you doing Tatenashi-san?」

Come to think about it, she did not participate in the rock-paper-scissors game, I called out to her she sighed in return.

「I’m sorry. I know you wanted to accompany me no matter what but I’ve been quite busy」

「No, you didn’t have to say that」

This isn’t like the usual Tatenashi-san.

……If that’s the case, well, is this ok?

「Well then, let’s start at once! Here Ichika, let’s go to that bench there」

「Let’s go, let’s go」

Rin pulls me towards the bench.

Rin quickly sits down and confidently opened the lunch box.

「Tahdah! Today, I have some chicken and cashew nuts stir-fried sweet and salty! 」

「Oh, it looks good!」

「Hmmph, it doesn’t look good, it is good!」

She seems extremely confident.

Rin puffs out her flat chest with all her might.

(It’s fine even if that area is unisexual)

Since that matter the other day, for me whose awareness of girls is in the process of changing, Rin is my precious second childhood friend who I associate with stability.

「Then, I’ll feed you」

She said so and picks up a piece of chicken with chopsticks.

「Here, say aahh♪」


This is becoming troublesome….

「I’m-I’m okay. People are looking and I can eat by myself and……」

「Huh? What are you being embarrassed about this time? It’s fine so eat it」

「I said I can eat by myself」

「I-T-‘S F-I-N-E S-O, open your mouth!」


I obstinately keep my mouth shut, declaring my intention.

The firmness could rival that of the Amano-Iwato.

「Are you saying you won’t eat my cooking?」

She stabs me with a sharp glint in her eyes that makes me think of a Chinese broadsword.

「I’ll-I’ll eat it, I said I’ll eat it!……*mrr*」

I pick up a piece of chicken and stuff it in my mouth.

However, Rin was not satisfied, the glint her eye became sharper and sharper.

「I am going to feed you so open that mouth!」

Like striking with a spear, the chicken was aimed at my mouth and put forth.

「That-That’s dangerous!」

「Don’t avoid it, you!」

Rin pokes.

I evade.

Rin pokes.

I evade.

This was repeated some ten-odd times; Rin was striking more and more furiously, her twin tails shaking and rising up.



Rin simultaneously deployed the left and right shock cannon shoulder units of her IS 『Shenlong』.

「If I evade right or left――I will die」

This is bad, her eyes look serious!

「Eat my dishhhhhhh!」

Rin attacks with her chicken in a straight line.

Then, while it enters inside my mouth, shots from the shock cannons grazed my ears.


Cold sweat streams down my back.

「So? Isn’t it delicious? 」

She turns towards me with a perfect smile.



「It-It’s delicious, Rin……」

「That-That’s good♪」

――And with that, the ten minutes with Rin was over.

「Now then, it’s time for what Ichika-san long waited for. Next is the home cooking of me, Cecilia Alcott! 」

*Wow*, *clap clap* *clap*

We moved places and arrived at a table in the school café.

With high class silk tablecloth that was probably Cecilia’s personal property.

(Cecilia’s cooking skills have become normal too so it should be fine)

I don’t have to think like that anymore.

I didn’t have to be so happy.

「This is today’s dish!」



There was a bang.

Was that a bang just now!?

Was that not like some cartoon sound effect and was physically heard!?

「Cecilia-san……? This bowl is……」

I had doubts about this object that seems to be a ramen bowl with a lid.

「Ufufu. Actually, I made the dish much more enjoyable ♪」

Ah, so that bang was.

――No, that’s not it!


「And, this huge feeler jutting out from gap between the lid and the bowl is……」

「Ufufu. Try to open it and E*N*J*O*Y♪」

Its looks like a crustacean.

Probably not a bug.

It looks ok in that regard.

I ready myself and pick up the lid.

The stench and steam cover my face.

「Arrrrrrrrgh! My eyes, my eyeeeeees!」

It’s hot!

It hurts!

My eyes hurt!

What’s with this steam!?

「It’s Tom Yum Goong. Ichika-san might not know this but Tom means boiling, Yum is the mix and Goong is lobster」

I know that!

Anyway, what is this smell!?

It hurts!

The steam already hurts!

「I used a spiny lobster of the highest grade and other ingredients like cuttlefish, oyster, abalone, salmon and sea urchin, carefully cooking together all these that are the highest class in the world――」

「I understand! I understood that! Why is it red like this!?」

The Tom Yum Goong in front of me was bright red.

To say it was a deep crimson was no exaggeration.

I also see it’s somewhat shining.

The soup before me burns bright red.

Shining and shouting to eat me.

「Because capsaicin is good for a tired body, I used plenty of Bhut Jolokia as my pepper」

「Even if it’s Bhut Jolokia that is boasted as the world’s hottest, it shouldn’t be like this, right?」

「Because it’s  a specially made Bhut Jolokia extract which was concentrated into a mash♪」

Cecilia was talking really happily.

It seems it’s not a lie she had fun cooking.

I also understand that there was no ill will.

She really has improved.

But she made the mistake of 『making a little arrangement』that is common among improving beginners in cooking.


(That- That- That’s not iiiitttt!)

This red thing is approaching before me with hotness three times more than normal.

Just like a red comet.

Lined up in Death’s row.

It is warped black and burning bright red.

「Will I die……」


「……It’s nothing」

Cecilia had a big smile on her face and passed me the spoon.

I take it and try to get one scoop of Tom Yum Goong.

「*clench*……. My fingers hurt……」

「Now, now, please don’t hold back」

I resigned myself to death.

「Oh my God!」

I toss the bright red soup into my mouth.





The pain that transcends pain!

It hurts!

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

The transcendent extremely hot soup spread all over in my mouth, burning the mucous membrane, roasting my tongue, killing my throat and piercing my stomach.

「*cough*! *cough*! *cough*! 」

Furthermore, the worst part is the steam from the extremely hot soup entered and choked my respiratory tract like hell.

Tears came out like rain.

「Oh my! Even Ichika-san is also deeply moved」

「Ha, haha, hahaha……」

I didn’t taste the high quality ingredients at all by the way.

―― I survived ten minutes with Cecilia somehow.

「You’re slow, Ichika!」

While sobbing like a baby, I barely managed to arrive at the cafeteria under the supervision of the waiting Houki.

Anyway, I couldn’t even say an excuse because each time I took a breath, the pain returned.

「Sorry……. Haa, haa, hah……」

「H-Hey. You’re sweating a lot. Are you alright?」

As expected, I thought I looked strange and Houki was looking at me with concern.


She suddenly got closer, for a moment, my heart skipped.

「*Hah**deep breath**tremble*……」

When I tried to hide my embarrassment by moving away, Houki got even closer.

The bulges of her chest pushing up her gym clothes bounced seductively.

「What’s with you. Say it!」



「Ugh……. My tongue hurts just hearing about it……」

「Ye-Yeah……Because of that, I think I won’t know what the taste is of anything I eat right now……」

Although it wasn’t really anyone’s fault, I bowed my head and apologized to Houki who took pains to prepare lunch.

「I’m sorry Houki」

「Hmph, no……you don’t have to…….Well, there’s always another chance to cook for someone」

She seemed somewhat embarrassed.

It was a little cute, I thought.

(I am strange after all……)

That was what I was thinking when Houki clapped her hands together.

「Oh!! I thought of something good, wait a minute!」

She says so and runs towards the service counter.

I kept panting like a dog to soothe my still smarting tongue even by just a little.

「Sorry for making you wait, Ichika」

Houki made me wait for a somewhat out-of-season shaved ice.

It was an Ujikintoki, the condensed milk hanging onto the small snowflakes; just looking at it cools my body.

「I asked you to do something unreasonable. If you eat this, will it lessen the hot taste? 」


「Wh-What is it?」

「Thank you」


Houki laughs embarrassedly.

I was shocked again at her smiling face.

「Well, then, since there’s not much time left, thanks for the meal!」

I try to gloss over my awareness of Houki as a member of the opposite sex and devour the shaved ice greedily.

「H-Hey. If you eat that fast ――」


「Arrrgh, my head, ouch, my head!」

It’s what they call an ice cream headache.

First my stomach, now my head!

It’s some kind of torture.


「It’s because you ate so fast. Good grief」

Houki leans forward and naturally puts a hand on my forehead.

「Of course, it would hurt. Don’t overdo it」


I became embarrassed again at such tenderness and my eyes unintentionally went to the big bulges of her chest.

「Do it slowly」

「I-I got it」

While genuinely appreciative of Houki’s worry, I calmly ate the shaved ice this time.

――Just like that, ten minutes with Houki passed by.

「Finally……It’s my turn. Are you full, Ichika? 」

Kanzashi said so, taking out wafer-style sweet rolls.

「For a tired body, sugar……」

「Sugar? That’s true. If it’s a sweet roll, the amount of sugar isn’t something to worry about」

I joke.




Kanzashi blankly spat out the sweet roll she was eating and had a coughing fit.

「I-Ichi-Ichika, you are amusing……」




My angel was here!?

My angel who swooped down to IS Academy!

「There’s a person who understands my gag……」

「Ichika, you’re shining……」

「Thank you, Kanzashi!」

I reflexively drew Kanzashi’s shoulders close to me.


Surprised by the sudden contact, Kanzashi raised a wild voice and escaped from me.

「I-Ichika……That was foul play……」

「Hmm? Hmm. I’m sorry?」

「Why the doubtfulness……」

No, no reason.

「Oh, I have something. Here」

Kanzashi took out a small bottle from her bag and showed it to me.

「Is that jam? Or honey? 」

「I……It’s currently in development, the super energy gel version three『Dokkora Shot』……I have more details on the WEB……」

Kanzashi said so and summoned an air display showing a web page.

Eh, there really is a web page for it!


It’s morniiing, it’s morniiing, it’s a  braaand new morniiing.

Aaah, I overslept.

I don’t have time to eat too.

But it’s okay, with just one spoon of the Sarashiki brand super energy gel version three『Dokkora Shot』


*Wow*, you get enough of the daily necessary nutrients, essential amino acids and calories.

It’s amazing and delicious.

Start eating it.」

It’s Kanzashi doing a one-man puppet show in the display.

It’s too monotonous & expressionless and somewhat filled with various clutter.

It’s not a good direction.

「Next time, when promoting your business……I think……that you should keep trying」

「Is-is that so? I should repay you somehow」

I couldn’t say I think that it would be better if that movie did not exist.

「Anyway, Ichika……have some」


I see some kind of sparkling thing when the small bottle was opened.

Is this safe?

I timidly scoop some out with a spoon and see like a fluorescent pink starch syrup.

(There-There is another one with boldness like Cecilia’s!)


(Don’t-Don’t stare at me in silence!)


「Tha-Thanks for the meal……」



「It’s sweet! It’s absurdly sweet! 」

「The amount of sugar is important……」

No, the sugar that did not melt feels like grit on my tongue.

「The-the amount of sugar is safe……」


Kanzashi spurted information out again while I was shivering due to the sweetness.

――I felt I was saved when ten minutes had passed.

「Let’s see, is it Laura next by the lawn in the plaza?」

I run towards Laura over there and――Charl was there for some reason.

「Huh? Why you two? 」

When I asked the question, Laura nudged Charl with her elbow.

「Oh, uhh, well. I thought it would be better to combine the time with Laura and make it twenty minutes」

I feel this is against the rules somehow but Charl embarrassedly laughs it off.

「That’s what she said but it was Charlotte’s proposal. It didn’t come from me」

「Aahh, that’s mean Laura. Even though you agreed immediately! 」

「H-Hey, don’t say that out loud!」

「In the first place, Laura, it’s because you can’t properly prepare lunches, right?」


She was right on the mark and Laura is at a loss for words.

「What did you prepare Laura?」

「It-It’s this!」

She said so and immediately presented a packed object.

「……What is this? 」

「It’s a ration! It’s our German Army’s venerable military ration! 」

「Eh, this is, is it good?」

「Ah, the taste is irrelevant, the taste is!」

Oh, she dodged the question.

「So, it’s not good」

「Sh……Shut up, shut up! I wanted to properly prepare meat in the beginning! 」


I had a bad feeling somehow.

「What kind of meat?」

「It-It was……Snake meat……」

Do I sadly have to eat snake in this grand athletic meet?

「Eh, it has a very high nutritional value, you know?」

At any rate, it seems Laura was not able to prepare it.

The result then is the military ration, which in that case, I can agree that Charl was helping a friend in need.

「This is what I prepared」

Charl took out various colorful fruits from a basket.

「Oh, apple rabbits」

「I have orange cats, too. I also have a blueberry pie」

To be honest, I don’t want this much sugar right now but I think I can eat in this case.

「Well, here. Have some tea」

I received a cup of tea from a thermos and drink it.

「This is Darjeeling……Is it not? It’s somewhat different but it’s like Darjeeling」

「Ehehe. It’s an original blend」

Charl laughs happily.

I went along and laugh with her.

Having done that, Laura had an un-amused look on her face.

「Hmph……After all, I……After all, I……」

Laura is sulking.

I served the apple rabbits while thinking it was such a cute appearance.


Perhaps surprised by something sudden, Laura blushed.

「Haha. You’re cute, Laura」

「Wh-Wha Wha Wha, Wha Wha……!?」

It was retaliation for the thing with Rin awhile ago.

「Ah, how nice for you, Laura. Ichika, me too……please?」

「Eh, no, that’s……How do I say it? ……It’s a bit embarrassing when asked to do it again……」


Charl looks disappointed and Laura hangs her head in shame.

――Thus, the warm and pleasant twenty minutes slowly passed by.


Lunch time is over and I finally took a breath.

「Hehe, thanks for your hard work」

A cold sports drink is placed against my cheek.

「I’m really tired」

I gave a dirty look towards the root of evil but Tatenashi-san was not concerned at all.

「Now now, you don’t  have to say it」

「……Okay but. By the way, Tatenashi-san? 」

Having a sudden thought, I bring up a subject to Tatenashi.


「Did you rest properly? Did you work a while ago too? 」

Tatenashi-san changed her expression to a surprised one when I said so.

「Eh, huh?……Did you see? 」

「Well, yes」

「……I was seen in the only place I did not want to be seen……」


「It’s-It’s nothing. Leaving that aside, Ichika-kun? Have you had a proper lunch? 」

I don’t really feel like eating when she said so.

Like I feel more tired than hungry.

「Well, my stomach is a bit empty」

「If that’s what you think then, Ta-da」

Tatenashi-san offered me a rice ball.

It was formed rice cooked fully loaded with the taste of fall.

It had various colours from shiitake mushrooms in Japanese chestnuts, oysters, carrots, burdock and konjac, having the nice smell of slightly burnt soy sauce.

It looks good!

「Hehe, do you want to eat it?」


「So, then, what should I make you do? 」

She winks teasingly and smiles at me.

……This person is at it again.

「Please give me」

「Yes yes. I’ll give it to you quickly」


She handed it over more obediently than I thought.

I stare at Tatenashi-san intently while being puzzled at the unexpected development.

「……Wh-What? 」

「Er, I wonder what kind of trap is there……」


I was hit with a folding fan.

「How rude of you…….If you’re going to talk like that then return it」


Before Tatenashi-san can take it back, I stuff the rice ball in my mouth in one go.

「Ah, wait…….Savor it then eat it」


「Here, have tea」


It’s unbelievably delicious!

I grabbed Tatenashi-san’s hand while being deeply moved.

「It’s reeaally delicious! 」

「Is- Is that so? We-Well then, I’ll make it again some other time……」


I forcefully bowed my head on the spot and the chime signalling the start of the afternoon rang.

「Ah, Tatenashi-san, we have to go!」

I grab Tatenashi-san’s hand and start walking quickly.


「? What’s wrong? 」

「It’s-It’s nothing……」

It seems like Tatenashi-san just can’t calm down.




「Do you need the toilet?」


I was slapped.

「It hurts……」

「You reap what you sow」

The first afternoon game was the『Live Cosplay Changing Race』.

「Hey, what is this!?」

「Eh, it is what it is though」

「Is this okay, ethically!?」

「Is it not okay?」

What’s wrong?

Tatenashi-san says with a strange look on her face.

「No, well, you see……there are various……」

「Hmm? Hmm? Is it perhaps that Ichika-kun hates it because girls changing clothes arouse you? 」

Tatenashi-san has a big grin on her face.

She hides her lips with an opened folding fan with the word『Lust』written on it.

「Ichika, you pervert」

「That’s not it!」

「Lewd then」

「Isn’t that the same thing!?」

Kaoruko-san came over when I made such a loud noise.

「Alright alright, how long are you two going to be doing this married couple skit? Go back to broadcasting properly」


「Who’s a married couple, Who!?」

Tatenashi’s face turned bright red and was angry for some reason.

「Well then, I have to go back to taking pictures.  Ciao! 」

「Hey, Wait! Kaoruko! 」

I rush to stop Tatenashi-san from chasing after her.

「Wait wait, please don’t leave! What am I going to do about this game’s broadcast!? 」


Because it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, I held onto Tatenashi-san’s waist with both hands.

Tatenashi-san stares at my hands intently.

「How long are you going to touch me, I wonder?」

「N-No, this is……」

I need to think of an excuse!

「Y-You have a great waist, huh?」

*Whack!*, An IS knuckle was deployed and caved in my face.

「Oooowwwww, huh!?」

「Don’t say something stupid and sit down!」

All the girls were looking at me sitting down reluctantly while rubbing my cheeks that were hit.

「President Tatenashi is unfair!」

「Sticking too close to Orimura-kun!」

「Being flirty!」

When I took a good look at it, the microphone switch was turned on before we noticed.


Kaoruko sticks her tongue out.


Tatenashi finally deploys her IS with seriousness.

Grasped in her right hand is the ultra high-pressure water gatling gun『Vital Spiral』.

「Don’t mooooove!」

「Woah, this is bad!」

While being chased by the bullets firing from the Gatling gun, Kaoruko releases the shutter towards an angry-faced Tatenashi-san.

「Hmm, that’s a good look」

It was amazing watching her running away while defending her camera until the end.

An unexpectedly incredible physical ability.

「Stop it, Sarashiki-ane. You’ll destroy the school building」

*Smack*, it was Chifuyu-nee striking Tatenashi-san’s head.

As expected of the IS academy where school buildings are 『destroyed』and not『damaged』.

「But O-Orimura-sensei!」

「You’re noisy. Be quiet」

*Smack*, Tatenashi-san got hit one more time on the head and finally became quiet.

「Remember this, Kaoruko……」

Oh, she had a bit of a villainish look on her.

However, it was starting to look too appropriate with her chewing her thumbnail.


「Kekeke……. What?」

「It suits you」

「……Should I beat you up?」

Alright, I’m sorry.

「Ahem. ――Now then, let’s go to the『Live Cosplay Changing Race』!」

Tatenashi-san grasps the mic tightly.

Finally, broadcast mode has started and motivation is at its highest today.

「Err, commentary is brought to you by Orimura Ichika and――」

「Sarashiki Tatenashi. Yayy!」

Then, Tatenashi-san steps in to explain the game.

「First, a representative from each team draws lots for a set outfit that they change into in a changing zone. At this time, a teammate assists with the changing. They will be exposed just about from the shoulders and up but it will light up from inside to show the bodyline on the curtains! 」

Tatenashi-san says full of strength.

In response to that, cheers soar through the air.

「Wh-What!? I won’t do it!」

「A game that affects a lady’s pride like this, I won’t take part!」

「I’m absooooolutely not doing it!」

「I-It’s kind of embarrassing for me as well……」

「I refuse」

Among those who declared their non-participation, only Laura raised her hand without hesitation.

「I will take part」


as everyone looks at Laura, Tatenashi-san’s voice rings out.

「Furthermoreee, the team that finishes first in this competition will get 500 points」

It was a massive amount of points that can brush-off all other points scored thus far.

「Grrr, there’s no choice but to do it!」

「I-I will not be defeated!」

「In that case, get ready to burn! 」

「A-as long as I’m participating, I’ll win, I guess?」

「I’ll win」

Five people reluctantly burn with fighting spirit.

In contrast, it was Laura who had an unexpected expression.

「Hmm. Your confidence are truly admirable」

That should be yours!

Rin’s retort crashes in.




「Now then, each representative will introduce the person assisting them in changing! 」

At Tatenashi-san’s urging to introduce their assistant, Houki raises her voice.

「My partner is Shijuuin Kagura. We’re both in the kendo club and I heard her family are former nobles」

Shijuuin-san looked very much a Yamato Nadeshiko with a tender tone like a gentle breeze.

「It is just an old family name. Please treat me well 」

She bows her head.

Her appearance was also very tidy and somehow emanated elegance.

After that, Cecilia introduces her partner.

「My assistant, who specializes in speed, is Kagami Nagi-san. Her parents manage a sushi restaurant among other things. I was invited to go once but the chawanmushi was surprisingly good and…… 」

Growing tired of Cecilia’s long introduction, Kagami-san speaks up.

「Cecilia, it’s too long, geez! You don’t have to explain that much! Ugh, it’s so embarrassing……」

We were also informed that the she’s a member of the track and field club by a supplementary announcement.

I see, it seems those healthy and beautiful slender legs are the mark of an athlete.

「Alright alright, it’s my turn now! My roommate, Tina Hamilton will be assisting me. Right, Tina?」

Next to Rin was a blond girl with an American-sized bust that seemed cramped in a gym uniform doing stretches.

Whenever she stretches her arms, those huge breasts would shake heavily.

「Hey, Rin? I told you I would help but isn’t your explanation too inadequate? I mean, you didn’t say anything about me. I mean, what about introducing me to Orimura-kun!? 」

「Now now, Tina. This isn’t the time for it」

「When is it time, really?」

Despite complaining, she warms-up without any slip-ups.

Somehow, they seem to be good friends.

「Err, Tanimoto-san is going to help me but……huh!?」

Before she knew it, Tanimoto-san who was supposed to be next to her wasn’t there.

Instead, there was a piece of paper.

「Err,『I’m sorry, Charlotte. It’s impossible for me. Please don’t look for me. Ask for Kishihara-san instead. Tanimoto Yuko』……ehh!?」

Char was surprised when a girl climbed onto her back.

「Oh helloo helloo! It’s everyone’s noisy character, Kishihara Riko. Call me Rikorin!」

Wow, so annoying!

……thought everyone gathered here and by the way, for some reason, Kishihara-san began to thrust her face from the back to Char’s gym uniform.

「*sniff**sniff*, Charlotte’s sweat smells nice too」

「Kyaaa huh!? Wa-Wait, stop――hyaaa huh!?」

After that, Kishihara-san was subdued by the hands of Houki and Rin.

「Well then, I’m next」

Laura says with her chest puffed out.

Her breasts are comparable to Rin’s but it’s a bit embarrassing to emphasize it that much.

「With a modest personality and figure, it’s Yatake Sayuka」

Given an outrageous introduction by Laura, with a blood vessel visibly about to burst,

Yatake-san steps forward while hiding her chest.

「That was Yatake a moment ago, given a cruel introduction by Laura-san. Her lack of features is her defining feature」

I myself thought that is the best feature to have but I left it there.

And lastly, Kanzashi brought along Nohohon-san, I’m not sure if that’s natural or reasonable.

「Nyahaa. I’m Nohotoke Honne, 16 years old. My sizes starting from the top are 91, 59, 80……」

「Honne, since saying anything more……would be cruel」

Worrying about her own figure, Kanzashi pinches Nohohon-san’s side.


Nohohon-san makes a big noise and jumps up and down but at the same time, her voluptuous bust usually hidden in her cartoonish costume shook.


I was having trouble where to look when Tatenashi-san immediately looked at my face.

「Hmmm? Where were you looking at, I wonder~?」

「I-I wasn’t looking anywhere particular, you know?」

「Hee. Hmmm. Reaally~?」

She stares at me scrutinizing.

For the time being, before anything was said, I returned reluctantly to broadcasting

「W-Well then, let’s start the race!」

At the sound of my voice and pistol, twelve girls rush out.

All things considered, why do bloomers expose legs all the way to the base?

I don’t know where I should look at.

「Here we go! The first to jump out are the Houki-chan and Kagura pair」

Tatenashi-san was broadcasting with passion.

She’s usually cool and yet, she becomes strangely fired up at times like this.

Is what I thought when the Houki pair immediately drew a piece of paper from a raffle box.

「This is Rin’s clothes! This is……a mini-Chinese Dress ―― hey! What’s with this mini-dress?」

Houki gave a look of protestation to Rin when, “Ehh?”

She replied with her face.

「But a miniskirt?」

「Don’t say it as a matter of fact! H-H-Haven’t you seen something like this before!?」

While trying to be calming and agreeable to a blushing Houki, Rin also draws a piece of paper.

「This is Cecilia’s clothes. It’s a……huh? A dress?」

Rin spreads out the garment with a questioning look.

It was a blue party dress that would look really good on Cecilia.

The color is vivid and there are laces in several spots that exudes elegance.

「Oh my, how fortunate for you to draw my dress」

「How so!? It’s hard to run with at max speed! First of all, the size is……」

「That’s right, Rin-san’s bust is――Oww!」

「Will you stop talking!?」

Hit in the forehead by a clean chop from Rin, Cecilia holds her aching head and also draws a piece of paper.

「Mine is……oh? It’s Houki-san’s」

Taken out from the clothing bag was a red and white outfit――It was a shrine maiden outfit.

「This is a Japanese Sister’s clothing?」

「Well, it’s sort of like that」

「A blue one would have been lovelier but……that’s too bad」

「What did you say!? You just don’t understand Japanese aesthetics!」

Somewhere else from those two making loud noises, Char takes out a piece of paper from the box.

「M-Military uniform? Moreover, this is……」

「That’s right. It’s my Schwarze Hase Unit Uniform. How is it, are you glad? 」

Laura answers confidently to an amazed Char.

「I wonder if my breasts can fit」

*snap*, there was a sound of something cracking.

「Charlotte, you were a good friend…….but die」


「I absolutely won’t forgive you」

Laura suddenly turns away in a bad mood and opens a piece of paper.

「Princess knight……? What’s that? I thought princesses and knights were different things」

While taking out a miniskirt armor, Kanzashi kept a watchful eye on a confused Laura.

「A princess knight is the same as a war goddess. Nowadays, it refers to the Brunhilde like Orimura-sensei」


「Brave, Graceful, Lovely and Invincible」

「That’s right! It’s appropriate for me! Ok, let’s put it on!」

Seeing Laura nod in agreement, Kanzashi chuckles with a grin.

Then, she opened her clothing bag.

「Is this Charlotte’s?」

「Yeah! It’s a cat pajamas costume!」

「……How cunning」


「Cunning. As expected of France, very cunning. But don’t you aim too high?」


Although Kanzashi seems to be grumbling about something, Char is just confused as usual.

Anyway, the costumes have been decided for all of them.

From this point, the forbidden live changing event is about to start but…….

「Come now! Everyone go inside your curtains! Remove you gym uniform properly!」

Tatenashi-san sure is in high spirits.

What on earth should I do?

(Hehe, here’s my chance to show Ichika-san anything I wear suits me. Look at me by all means, the shrine maiden, Cecilia Alcott!)

Cecilia smoothly entered the curtain circle and immediately opened the the clothing bag.

The shrine maiden costume was taken out from the inside and when she put her hands on her bloomers, the curtain was suddenly lifted up.


「Wait just a minute Cecilia, you can’t go ahead. This is a competition for pairs of people」

She sees that her partner, Kagami Nagi had pulled the curtain up to the highest possible point.

「I-I understand so please close it quickly!」

Cecilia shouts while putting back her bloomers in a panic as a little bit of her underwear could be seen.

「Oh, sorry sorry」

Kagami Nagi has a candid personality and also good social disposition but is unfortunately lacking in delicacy.

Her shame as a girl is smaller than most people.

That was what Cecilia thought from a long time ago.

「Ahem…….well then, help me change clothes at once――」


Doing as she was told, Nagi lifts up Cecilia’s gym uniform with all her might.

Her breasts wrapped in a luxurious lace brassiere shook like jelly and became exposed.

「Kyaaa, huh!? Nagi-san, are you an idiot!? A-AA-Are you an idiot!? 」

「Ehh? But it’s better to hurry up. Look over there, Sarashiki-san only has a little bit to wear」

「T-T-T-This and that is a different matter, right!? Ok, Nagi-san!? You being negligent is frankly embarrassing! 」


Kagami Nagi makes a surprised face.

「Is that what you thoughtttt!? Take it off, take it offff! 」

「N-Nooooo! Ichika-san, please help me!」

Inside the narrow curtain circle, the two girls noisily moved around.

Of course, since their figures were lit up from the inside, everyone including Ichika see.

「Cecilia, what are you doing……?」

Rin sighed as if she had a headache.

Already in her underwear and all preparations done.

「Tina, do you know how to wear a dress?」

「Rin, do you know how to wear a dress?」



Rin and Tina exchange looks.

「No no no」

Rin shakes her head.

「You don’t?」

「Eh? Why would I? Dresses aren’t something you normally get to wear」


「Huuhh!? Tina, you’re completely useless! 」

「What about you, Rin!? You can’t wear a dress by yourself!?」

While making a racket, those two think of some ideas and unravel the dress for the moment.

「First, through the body……Tina, hold it that way」

「Ok but the chest will be really baggy, you know?」

「……Do you want to die?」

Tina got a cold sweat from Rin staring with a glint in her eye.

Next to this odd couple was Houki having trouble with the Chinese dress.

「M-My breasts can’t fit in……」

Rin glared at her but she didn’t particularly care about that.

The size of mini skirt Chinese dress really wasn’t suitable for Houki.

With the skirt as small as it is, her underwear is completely visible.

The coat is also hard to wrap around the breasts so the button can’t be closed.

「I-Isn’t this like running half-naked!?」

「That’s no good」

Not going to let it happen, Kagura pulls on the Chinese dress.

「Oww, it hurts! It’s painful!」

「Endure it for now…….ready, set, go」

She tried to lock up Houki’s chest and an unpleasant sound was heard.


「……W-What was that sound just now?」


「Kagura, why are you being silent!?」

「Shinonono-san, you should run as is」


Bewildered by a strangely overbearing Kagura, Houki was cruelly driven out of the curtain circle.

「H-Hey! Isn’t my underwear completely visible like this!」

「Please run while hiding it」

While they were arguing, the other competitors started running.

「Fine, geez!」

As though she didn’t care anymore, Houki starts to run.

However, the clothes shift every time she moves, her bra and panty flickers in and out of sight.

「Ugghh, how humiliating」

There were whistles and high-pitched cheers but they couldn’t be heard.

「Now, it’s the first obstacle, the vaulting box! Do your best everyone!」

Tatenashi’s coverage comes in as if it was a critical moment.

Besides that anyway, there were a lot of traps prepared to expose their underwear.

「T-This is because of Tatenashi-san! 」

While holding down her skirt with tightly squeezed hands, Houki looks accusingly toward the broadcast seat.

But when her line of sight met with Ichika’s, she could not help but hide her body more and more.

「D-Don’t look, Ichika!」

Ichika shakes his head as if to say he did not see but Houki had a somewhat unamused look.

「Well then Houki-san, I’m going ahead」

It was Cecilia who said it and went for the vaulting box.

It was the first time she wore a shrine maiden outfit but it suits her.

「This is what you call a  combination of Japanese and Western styles」

A ecstatically chuckling Cecilia takes a step towards the jump.

However, at that moment, when she stepped into the sandals she was unfamiliar with, she unfortunately stepped on the hem of her skirt with all her might.

Cecilia leaves behind her hakama that slipped off and jumps over the vaulting box.

Her rich and round ass and seemingly luxurious panty became exposed.


「Ooh, what an unexpected occurrence! That’s good, Cecilia-chan! That’s good, as expected, very touching, just kidding! 」

While a scornful look was pointed towards a highly-spirited Tatenashi’s coverage, Everyone at the grounds were roused by Cecilia’s body that fascinated even members of the same-sex.

「Yeah, way to go~」

「As expected of the British representative candidate!」

「Good grief, Cecilia is――」

「「「Really erotic!」」」

Cecilia puts on the hakama again with teary eyes but it was a garment that was put on her by someone else.

She doesn’t know how to tie it by herself.

(A-AAA-Anyway, I must hide my butt!)

While turning bright red up to her ears, Cecilia ties the hakama’s sash tightly.

Somehow, she was able to hide her ass and return to the race.

「Let’s see, next is……the balance beam?」

It wasn’t just a troubled Cecilia that stood there but also Houki and Rin.

(I-In order to clear this…..)

(You have to spread both arms. If so……)

(I-I don’t want to be seen!)

This time, it was Charlotte who took the lead, glancing over to the three people standing still to the side.

「I’m ahead!」

Charlotte wearing a German black military uniform looked very good.

The military cap suits her especially.

「I’m ahead, too……」

Because of her slow-footedness, Kanzashi had just caught up and finally jumped to second place.

The only reason is because it’s easy-going with her clothes.

There is no worry about it coming off now.

「This is good……」

But not touching. (*translator’s note: I think there’s a joke here that I’m not getting.)



Somehow everything was going the way Kanzashi expected.

In this regard, they truly are sisters or rather, as expected of Tatenashi’s younger sister.

Their sense of humour is slightly off.

「Grr, I’m going to lose as it is!」

「There is no other way!」

「”Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, isn’t it!?」

Houki, Cecilia and Rin tolerated their clothes getting disarrayed and jumped onto the balance beam.

At that moment, the clothes of those three seemed to slip off.

There were high-pitched cheers again and the three girls blushed together.

But there’s no going back now.

「Anyway, I have be on top!」

History is written by the winners――.

That was common sense to those three.

「Yeah, this time」

「Our shame」

「Should be thrown away!」

The three let go of their guard on their underwear and went on the balance beam.

The moment they felt fine, a sudden gust swooped down on them.


That wind wearing a pink bikini armor in a black outer shell――was Laura.

「Hahahahaha! If you use an IS for obstacles like this!」

*beep* *beep*.

「Ok, Laura-chan is disqualified~」

She got ejected with a red card.

It was an appropriate judgement.

However, Laura did not settle down.

「D-D-Don’t screw with meee! You’re disqualifying after dressing like this!? I’ll blow you all away!!」

*Crack* She decides to aim the heavy-sounding large caliber revolver cannon.

Laura was completely deranged by shame.



A moment before Laura’s bombardment, a supersonic bullet shot Schwarzer Regen’s revolver cannon.


「That’s not good, Bodewig-san. You should obey the rules」

That easygoing tone was Yamada-sensei’s.

The precise shot by the IS 『Rafale Revive』.

As expected of an IS Academy instructor.

「It can’t beeeee!」

Leaving behind a very villain-like line, Laura was engulfed in an explosion.

――The Live Cosplay Changing Race.

No winner.




The wind is blowing, I wonder.

And it’s an unusual wind.

「Ichika-kun, how’s the view 50 metres above the ground?」

On the ground, Tatenashi talks to me through the open channel.

「Please explain this situation」

I lost consciousness when I was eating bread a while ago and then realized I was floating near the top of the IS Academy’s central tower.

And I was doing it with a large amount of balloons.

「What is this!?」

「Eh, it’s a balloon fight」

「Why am I hearing about such a thing? Please don’t make that kind of face! Also, what fight is this battle about!? Who are we fighting!?」

My cries are drowned out by the blowing wind.

What-What is this?

What on earth is going on!?

「That’s a foolish question, Ichika!」



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