Infinite Stratos Vol. 12 Story Preview

The seventh princess attacks!
「Hehe. I will make you my servant」
Ichika was ordered to be an attendant by Iris, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s seventh princess, who came to study at IS Academy.
An unamused Rin challenges Iris who is pleased with Ichika and trying to take him back home to her country to an IS match.
Although Rin faced the decisive battle together with Houki, they were forced into a hard fight against the amazing ability of Iris’ 4th generation unit…….
This triggers a change in Houki who had made secret improvements which causes an unknown mass-produced unit to kidnap Houki.
Ichika and the others throw their personal units into this battle that would later be called the「Akatsubaki Incident」――.
Volume 12 Akatsubaki Ryouran!