Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Chapter 3 Translation (incomplete)

Chapter 3「Soap Bubble Daydream」

「That was a terrible experience……」

Worn out by just the morning events, I trudged alone.

On the outer edge of the academy is a relaxation area……a plaza.

Some kids are unrolling sheets on the lawn and some are sitting on the benches installed.

Everyone was murmuring and happily spending time with lunch.

「But what should I do for lunch break?」

Well, should I have lunch with everyone like usual?


「I found Ichikaaa♪」

*Thump*, a slightly heavy thing climbs on my back.

……It was Rin.

「What are you doing?」

「Hehhee. I didn’t stop looking for you. Thank me, thank me」

“Listen here” I thought when I saw Tatenashi-san standing by herself in the corner of my eye.

「Hey, Tatenashi-san. Let’s have lunch with everyone」

「Err, ah, no, that’s……」

Why does she suddenly seem flustered?

「Let’s go,  come on」

I forcibly grab Tatenashi’s still somewhat frozen hand and began to walk.

Tatenashi-san became silent, her cheeks reddening while looking down.

……I wonder why.

Is it because she thinks she’ll be mistaken for a lost child?


We walked a short distance and joined the representative cadets that gathered on a spread out sheet on the lawn.

「Oh, Oneechan」

Hearing Kanzashi made Tatenashi-san embarrassed.

「Ichika, why are you holding hands?」

Houki immediately asked in a state of anger.

「No, leaving that aside, you are messing around with Rin! Why is she on your back!? 」

「Because the view is good」

「Are you a weatherman!?」

“I can’t help it” Rin says and jumps down from my back.

That supple motion was just like a cat.

「Light as ever」

Mainly the chest.

「Ichikaa, I’ll kill you if you’re thinking of something unnecessary」

I wasn’t thinking of anything.

「Well then, shall we sit down Tatenashi-san?」

「Eh, err. But I’m a second-year and……」

Oh, is her declining a rare thing?

「Please don’t say such a thing. Tatenashi’s lunches are one of the things I enjoy」

Tatenashi-san’s cooking is delicious.

Although I am also capable, I can’t make it as delicious as that.

I wonder if she would teach me.

I will ask gently next time.


「Let’s exchange with each other. If you like, we could feed each other but――」


Cecilia and the others suddenly presented side dishes to me when I invited Tatenashi-san.

Wh-What’s going on?

「Wait a minute, wait a minute. How about we settle down first and drink some tea」


This time, Char and the others held out tea thermoses.

「Woah! Calm down! I mean settle down! Tatenashi-san, let’s not keep standing! 」

I repelled the fierce attack from all the girls and made a space for Tatenashi-san next to me.

「Ah, please wait a moment」

The sheet was not sufficient so I spread out a handkerchief on the spot where Tatenashi sat.

「There you go」

「Th-Thank you……」

“Kneeling and sitting on your heels is a bit–” I thought so I couldn’t help it, I can’t have the soft fair skin of a young girl be on the lawn.

However, everyone had a face of maximum displeasure for some reason when I behaved that way.

「Ichika, partiality towards your seniors is intolerable 」

「What’s with you, Houki?  I was taught to be respectful to seniors.  And besides, she is a girl」

「If that’s the case then first, as a lady, I would like you to escort me! 」

「It’s impossible for me to match someone of your standing, Cecilia」

「Ichikaa, treat me to a parfait next time. The one from the front of the San Diego station」

「Why should I, Rin? I mean, you! Pay me back for the bill from middle school! 」

「You know, Ichika, would you not like to try enrolling to the Gentleman Training Experience School? I could accompany you」

「If it’s being a gentleman, I should just follow your example, Charl」

「Become my shield in the battlefield」

「That’s not being a gentleman anymore, Laura」

「Oneechan only……that’s unfair」

「It can’t be helped, Kanzashi」

At such back and forth arguing, Tatenashi-san opened her folding fan.

「That’s right. Let’s do it like this」

The word『Equality』is on the folding fan.

「Starting now, everyone will have ten minutes  to have lunch with just Ichika alone. Everyone can enjoy that way, right?」

The color of everyone’s eyes changed at Tatenashi-san’s proposal.

「That is certainly good!」

The one who broke the ice was Houki.

Holding a lunch box in her hand and eyes shining intensely.

「Indeed, that’s a really good idea」

When Rin also agreed, the rest of the girls also nodded in agreement.

「Well then, we’ll determine the order by rock, paper, scissors〜. Ready, set, go」

Rock, paper……scissors!

「Yes, I’m first!」

Rin poses triumphantly.

「I am second……I guess this is all right」

Cecilia flips her hair.

「I’m the third? Yeah, not bad」

Houki folds her arms.


Kanzashi  mutters.

「Damn, I’m falling behind……」

Laura said frustrated and thereupon Charl whispered something to her ear.


「Hmm……? Hrm……。I see……That’s right!」

It seems they’ve made some kind of agreement.

Not being suspicious of women’s secret discussions is proper etiquette for a man.

「Huh? What are you doing Tatenashi-san?」

Come to think about it, she did not participate in the rock-paper-scissors game, I called out to her she sighed in return.

「I’m sorry. I know you wanted to accompany me no matter what but I’ve been quite busy」

「No, you didn’t have to say that」

This isn’t like the usual Tatenashi-san.

……If that’s the case, well, is this ok?

「Well then, let’s start at once! Here Ichika, let’s go to that bench there」

「Let’s go, let’s go」

Rin pulls me towards the bench.

Rin quickly sits down and confidently opened the lunch box.

「Tahdah! Today, I have some chicken and cashew nuts stir-fried sweet and salty! 」

「Oh, it looks good!」

「Hmmph, it doesn’t look good, it is good!」

She seems extremely confident.

Rin puffs out her flat chest with all her might.

(It’s fine even if that area is unisexual)

Since that matter the other day, for me whose awareness of girls is in the process of changing, Rin is my precious second childhood friend who I associate with stability.

「Then, I’ll feed you」

She said so and picks up a piece of chicken with chopsticks.

「Here, say aahh♪」


This is becoming troublesome….

「I’m-I’m okay. People are looking and I can eat by myself and……」

「Huh? What are you being embarrassed about this time? It’s fine so eat it」

「I said I can eat by myself」

「I-T-‘S F-I-N-E S-O, open your mouth!」


I obstinately keep my mouth shut, declaring my intention.

The firmness could rival that of the Amano-Iwato.

「Are you saying you won’t eat my cooking?」

She stabs me with a sharp glint in her eyes that makes me think of a Chinese broadsword.

「I’ll-I’ll eat it, I said I’ll eat it!……*mrr*」

I pick up a piece of chicken and stuff it in my mouth.

However, Rin was not satisfied, the glint her eye became sharper and sharper.

「I am going to feed you so open that mouth!」

Like striking with a spear, the chicken was aimed at my mouth and put forth.

「That-That’s dangerous!」

「Don’t avoid it, you!」

Rin pokes.

I evade.

Rin pokes.

I evade.

This was repeated some ten-odd times; Rin was striking more and more furiously, her twin tails shaking and rising up.



Rin simultaneously deployed the left and right shock cannon shoulder units of her IS 『Shenlong』.

「If I evade right or left――I will die」

This is bad, her eyes look serious!

「Eat my dishhhhhhh!」

Rin attacks with her chicken in a straight line.

Then, while it enters inside my mouth, shots from the shock cannons grazed my ears.


Cold sweat streams down my back.

「So? Isn’t it delicious? 」

She turns towards me with a perfect smile.



「It-It’s delicious, Rin……」

「That-That’s good♪」

――And with that, the ten minutes with Rin was over.

「Now then, it’s time for what Ichika-san long waited for. Next is the home cooking of me, Cecilia Alcott! 」

*Wow*, *clap clap* *clap*

We moved places and arrived at a table in the school café.

With high class silk tablecloth that was probably Cecilia’s personal property.

(Cecilia’s cooking skills have become normal too so it should be fine)

I don’t have to think like that anymore.

I didn’t have to be so happy.

「This is today’s dish!」



There was a bang.

Was that a bang just now!?

Was that not like some cartoon sound effect and was physically heard!?

「Cecilia-san……? This bowl is……」

I had doubts about this object that seems to be a ramen bowl with a lid.

「Ufufu. Actually, I made the dish much more enjoyable ♪」

Ah, so that bang was.

――No, that’s not it!


「And, this huge feeler jutting out from gap between the lid and the bowl is……」

「Ufufu. Try to open it and E*N*J*O*Y♪」

Its looks like a crustacean.

Probably not a bug.

It looks ok in that regard.

I ready myself and pick up the lid.

The stench and steam cover my face.

「Arrrrrrrrgh! My eyes, my eyeeeeees!」

It’s hot!

It hurts!

My eyes hurt!

What’s with this steam!?

「It’s Tom Yum Goong. Ichika-san might not know this but Tom means boiling, Yum is the mix and Goong is lobster」

I know that!

Anyway, what is this smell!?

It hurts!

The steam already hurts!

「I used a spiny lobster of the highest grade and other ingredients like cuttlefish, oyster, abalone, salmon and sea urchin, carefully cooking together all these that are the highest class in the world――」

「I understand! I understood that! Why is it red like this!?」

The Tom Yum Goong in front of me was bright red.

To say it was a deep crimson was no exaggeration.

I also see it’s somewhat shining.

The soup before me burns bright red.

Shining and shouting to eat me.

「Because capsaicin is good for a tired body, I used plenty of Bhut Jolokia as my pepper」

「Even if it’s Bhut Jolokia that is boasted as the world’s hottest, it shouldn’t be like this, right?」

「Because it’s  a specially made Bhut Jolokia extract which was concentrated into a mash♪」

Cecilia was talking really happily.

It seems it’s not a lie she had fun cooking.

I also understand that there was no ill will.

She really has improved.

But she made the mistake of 『making a little arrangement』that is common among improving beginners in cooking.


(That- That- That’s not iiiitttt!)

This red thing is approaching before me with hotness three times more than normal.

Just like a red comet.

Lined up in Death’s row.

It is warped black and burning bright red.

「Will I die……」


「……It’s nothing」

Cecilia had a big smile on her face and passed me the spoon.

I take it and try to get one scoop of Tom Yum Goong.

「*clench*……. My fingers hurt……」

「Now, now, please don’t hold back」

I resigned myself to death.

「Oh my God!」

I toss the bright red soup into my mouth.





The pain that transcends pain!

It hurts!

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

The transcendent extremely hot soup spread all over in my mouth, burning the mucous membrane, roasting my tongue, killing my throat and piercing my stomach.

「*cough*! *cough*! *cough*! 」

Furthermore, the worst part is the steam from the extremely hot soup entered and choked my respiratory tract like hell.

Tears came out like rain.

「Oh my! Even Ichika-san is also deeply moved」

「Ha, haha, hahaha……」

I didn’t taste the high quality ingredients at all by the way.

―― I survived ten minutes with Cecilia somehow.

「You’re slow, Ichika!」

While sobbing like a baby, I barely managed to arrive at the cafeteria under the supervision of the waiting Houki.

Anyway, I couldn’t even say an excuse because each time I took a breath, the pain returned.

「Sorry……. Haa, haa, hah……」

「H-Hey. You’re sweating a lot. Are you alright?」

As expected, I thought I looked strange and Houki was looking at me with concern.


She suddenly got closer, for a moment, my heart skipped.

「*Hah**deep breath**tremble*……」

When I tried to hide my embarrassment by moving away, Houki got even closer.

The bulges of her chest pushing up her gym clothes bounced seductively.

「What’s with you. Say it!」



「Ugh……. My tongue hurts just hearing about it……」

「Ye-Yeah……Because of that, I think I won’t know what the taste is of anything I eat right now……」

Although it wasn’t really anyone’s fault, I bowed my head and apologized to Houki who took pains to prepare lunch.

「I’m sorry Houki」

「Hmph, no……you don’t have to…….Well, there’s always another chance to cook for someone」

She seemed somewhat embarrassed.

It was a little cute, I thought.

(I am strange after all……)

That was what I was thinking when Houki clapped her hands together.

「Oh!! I thought of something good, wait a minute!」

She says so and runs towards the service counter.

I kept panting like a dog to soothe my still smarting tongue even by just a little.

「Sorry for making you wait, Ichika」

Houki made me wait for a somewhat out-of-season shaved ice.

It was an Ujikintoki, the condensed milk hanging onto the small snowflakes; just looking at it cools my body.

「I asked you to do something unreasonable. If you eat this, will it lessen the hot taste? 」


「Wh-What is it?」

「Thank you」


Houki laughs embarrassedly.

I was shocked again at her smiling face.

「Well, then, since there’s not much time left, thanks for the meal!」

I try to gloss over my awareness of Houki as a member of the opposite sex and devour the shaved ice greedily.

「H-Hey. If you eat that fast ――」


「Arrrgh, my head, ouch, my head!」

It’s what they call an ice cream headache.

First my stomach, now my head!

It’s some kind of torture.


「It’s because you ate so fast. Good grief」

Houki leans forward and naturally puts a hand on my forehead.

「Of course, it would hurt. Don’t overdo it」


I became embarrassed again at such tenderness and my eyes unintentionally went to the big bulges of her chest.

「Do it slowly」

「I-I got it」

While genuinely appreciative of Houki’s worry, I calmly ate the shaved ice this time.

――Just like that, ten minutes with Houki passed by.

「Finally……It’s my turn. Are you full, Ichika? 」

Kanzashi said so, taking out wafer-style sweet rolls.

「For a tired body, sugar……」

「Sugar? That’s true. If it’s a sweet roll, the amount of sugar isn’t something to worry about」

I joke.




Kanzashi blankly spat out the sweet roll she was eating and had a coughing fit.

「I-Ichi-Ichika, you are amusing……」




My angel was here!?

My angel who swooped down to IS Academy!

「There’s a person who understands my gag……」

「Ichika, you’re shining……」

「Thank you, Kanzashi!」

I reflexively drew Kanzashi’s shoulders close to me.


Surprised by the sudden contact, Kanzashi raised a wild voice and escaped from me.

「I-Ichika……That was foul play……」

「Hmm? Hmm. I’m sorry?」

「Why the doubtfulness……」

No, no reason.

「Oh, I have something. Here」

Kanzashi took out a small bottle from her bag and showed it to me.

「Is that jam? Or honey? 」

「I……It’s currently in development, the super energy gel version three『Dokkora Shot』……I have more details on the WEB……」

Kanzashi said so and summoned an air display showing a web page.

Eh, there really is a web page for it!


It’s morniiing, it’s morniiing, it’s a  braaand new morniiing.

Aaah, I overslept.

I don’t have time to eat too.

But it’s okay, with just one spoon of the Sarashiki brand super enery gel version three『Dokkora Shot』をスプーンで一杯。


*Wow*, you get enough of the daily necessary nutrients, essential amino acids and calories.

It’s amazing and delicious.

Start eating it.」

It’s Kanzashi doing a one-man puppet show in the display.

It’s too monotonous & expressionless and somewhat filled with various clutter.

It’s not a good direction.

「Next time, when promoting your business……I think……that you should keep trying」

「Is-is that so? I should repay you somehow」

I couldn’t say I think that it would be better if that movie did not exist.

「Anyway, Ichika……have some」


I see some kind of sparkling thing when the small bottle was opened.

Is this safe?

I timidly scoop some out with a spoon and see like a fluorescent pink starch syrup.

(There-There is another one with boldness like Cecilia’s!)


(Don’t-Don’t stare at me in silence!)


「Tha-Thanks for the meal……」



「It’s sweet! It’s absurdly sweet! 」

「The amount of sugar is important……」

No, the sugar that did not melt feels like grit on my tongue.

「The-the amount of sugar is safe……」


Kanzashi spurted information out again while I was shivering due to the sweetness.

――I felt I was saved when ten minutes had passed.

「Let’s see, is it Laura next by the lawn in the plaza?」

I run towards Laura over there and――Charl was there for some reason.

「Huh? Why you two? 」

When I asked the question, Laura nudged Charl with her elbow.

「Oh, uhh, well. I thought it would be better to combine the time with Laura and make it twenty minutes」

I feel this is against the rules somehow but Charl embarrassedly laughs it off.

「That’s what she said but it was Charlotte’s proposal. It didn’t come from me」

「Aahh, that’s mean Laura. Even though you agreed immediately! 」

「H-Hey, don’t say that out loud!」

「In the first place, Laura, it’s because you can’t properly prepare lunches, right?」


She was right on the mark and Laura is at a loss for words.

「What did you prepare Laura?」

「It-It’s this!」

She said so and immediately presented a packed object.

「……What is this? 」

「It’s a ration! It’s our German Army’s venerable military ration! 」

「Eh, this is, is it good?」

「Ah, the taste is irrelevant, the taste is!」

Oh, she dodged the question.

「So, it’s not good」

「Sh……Shut up, shut up! I wanted to properly prepare meat in the beginning! 」


I had a bad feeling somehow.

「What kind of meat?」

「It-It was……Snake meat……」

Do I sadly have to eat snake in this grand athletic meet?

「Eh, it has a very high nutritional value, you know?」

At any rate, it seems Laura was not able to prepare it.

The result then is the military ration, which in that case, I can agree that Charl was helping a friend in need.

「This is what I prepared」

Charl took out various colorful fruits from a basket.

「Oh, apple rabbits」

「I have orange cats, too. I also have a blueberry pie」

To be honest, I don’t want this much sugar right now but I think I can eat in this case.

「Well, here. Have some tea」

I received a cup of tea from a thermos and drink it.

「This is Darjeeling……Is it not? It’s somewhat different but it’s like Darjeeling」

「Ehehe. It’s an original blend」

Charl laughs happily.

I went along and laugh with her.

Having done that, Laura had an un-amused look on her face.

「Hmph……After all, I……After all, I……」

Laura is sulking.

I served the apple rabbits while thinking it was such a cute appearance.


Perhaps surprised by something sudden, Laura blushed.

「Haha. You’re cute, Laura」

「Wh-Wha Wha Wha, Wha Wha……!?」

It was retaliation for the thing with Rin awhile ago.

「Ah, how nice for you, Laura. Ichika, me too……please?」

「Eh, no, that’s……How do I say it? ……It’s a bit embarrassing when asked to do it again……」


Charl looks disappointed and Laura hangs her head in shame.

――Thus, the warm and pleasant twenty minutes slowly passed by.


Lunch time is over and I finally took a breath.

「Hehe, thanks for your hard work」

A cold sports drink is placed against my cheek.

「I’m really tired」

I gave a dirty look towards the root of evil but Tatenashi-san was not concerned at all.

「Now now, you don’t  have to say it」

「……Okay but. By the way, Tatenashi-san? 」

Having a sudden thought, I bring up a subject to Tatenashi.


「Did you rest properly? Did you work a while ago too? 」

Tatenashi-san changed her expression to a surprised one when I said so.

「Eh, huh?……Did you see? 」

「Well, yes」

「……I was seen in the only place I did not want to be seen……」


「It’s-It’s nothing. Leaving that aside, Ichika-kun? Have you had a proper lunch? 」

I don’t really feel like eating when she said so.

Like I feel more tired than hungry.

「Well, my stomach is a bit empty」

「If that’s what you think then, Ta-da」

Tatenashi-san offered me a rice ball.

It was formed rice cooked fully loaded with the taste of fall.

It had various colours from shiitake mushrooms in Japanese chestnuts, oysters, carrots, burdock and konjac, having the nice smell of slightly burnt soy sauce.

It looks good!

「Hehe, do you want to eat it?」


「So, then, what should I make you do? 」

She winks teasingly and smiles at me.

……This person is at it again.

「Please give me」

「Yes yes. I’ll give it to you quickly」


She handed it over more obediently than I thought.

I stare at Tatenashi-san intently while being puzzled at the unexpected development.

「……Wh-What? 」

「Er, I wonder what kind of trap is there……」


I was hit with a folding fan.

「How rude of you…….If you’re going to talk like that then return it」


Before Tatenashi-san can take it back, I stuff the rice ball in my mouth in one go.

「Ah, wait…….Savor it then eat it」


「Here, have tea」


It’s unbelievably delicious!

I grabbed Tatenashi-san’s hand while being deeply moved.

「It’s reeaally delicious! 」

「Is- Is that so? We-Well then, I’ll make it again some other time……」


I forcefully bowed my head on the spot and the chime signalling the start of the afternoon rang.

「Ah, Tatenashi-san, we have to go!」

I grab Tatenashi-san’s hand and start walking quickly.


「? What’s wrong? 」

「It’s-It’s nothing……」

It seems like Tatenashi-san just can’t calm down.




「Do you need the toilet?」


Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Chapter 2 Translation

Chapter 2「Run, Fall Grand Athletic Meet! (Fighting Now!)」

The following week, at the hastily held Grand Athletic Meet for first-years only, the upperclassmen were chased for the preparations.

Naturally some of them, being girls as well said 『I have the right to fight for Orimura Ichika because I am also a representative candidate 』and there was quite a disturbance.

Eventually, Tatenashi established the『Backstage Points』 systems, where the student who contributes more than a certain number will be given the right to do something with Ichika, and with that the protest more or less ended.

――Thus, on the day of the tournament.

「Well then, the first-year representative cadet versus match grand athletic meet is now open!」

At Tatenashi’s voice, *cheer*!

Shouts of joy go up.

「For the athlete’s oath of fair play, Orimura Ichika!」

*ka-pow*, Tatenashi points at Ichika, the only person wearing shorts.


Ichika was bewildered by the sudden and without warning athlete’s oath but it’s not like Tatenashi to let a prey escape.

「Come on, come on, hurry」

「ow ow oww!」

Ichika was pulled by the arm on to the stage.


Before him were all women.

Furthermore, they were all wearing bloomers which revealed the very dazzling beauty of the slender female legs and hipline.

(Those, those are tempting……)

Why is everyone even Tatenashi and the stagehand upperclassmen wearing bloomers?

Ichika somehow, quite bashfully speaks.

「Uh, err, ……I-I am Orimura Ichika」

That’s wrong, Tatenashi comes to retort.

Her bulging chest touches his elbows slightly, conveying its softness and firmness.

「The- The player’s oath!」

Saying so with his voice cracking up, words of encouragement sprang up from among the girls.

「Orimura-kun, do your best」

「Fighttt! Show us your coolness」

「Heheh, smile, smile Orimu」

While blushing further, Ichika somehow continues speaking in such a shrill voice.

「W-We, promise to compete, fairly and ……with all our might!」

With that as a start, an especially large cheer comes out again from the girls of all year levels.

However, there were six people who did not join in the big wave.

The red team leader, Shinonono Houki.

「I won’t lose to anyone. I will win, for Ichika……fufu」

The blue team leader, Cecilia Alcott.

「Elegantly and Perfectly, it’s been decided. Ichika-san」

The pink team leader, Huang Lingyin.

「I will win! I will aaaaabsolutely win! So wait for me, Ichikaaa!」

The orange team leader, Charlotte Dunois.

「I have the right to become forceful too, you know? Ichika」

The black team leader, Laura Bodewig.

「The same room with Ichika……on the same bed everyday……fufu, kufufu. Fuhahaha!」

The iron team leader, Sarashiki Kanzashi.

「”Iron”, is a color……? For the time being, it’s a color……?」

Six people who are burning with fighting spirit.

And then, Ichika who is descending from the stage while sighing is suddenly embraced by Tatenashi from behind.

「Heeey, you have the leading role! Don’t be absentminded♪」

「Wo-Woah. Please stop that! I’ll be killed if they see this」

「It’s alright. Because I’m strong」

「No, I am not alright」

「We’ve just entered a blind spot,  we won’t be seen, we won’t be seen」

「*sigh*, good grief……」

When Ichika smiled, surrendering to the situation, Tatenashi who up until then had been taking the initiative, blushed, let go and jumped off.

「? Tatenashi-san?」

「Well, then, I’m, because I’m busy with the coverage and other things!」

She says so and runs away from that situation.

「Eh. Wait」

While furiously running away, Tatenashi’s face became bright red at feeling Ichika’s body and his smile, also at the slight smell of a young man.

(I-I’m, so unsteady, what am I……)

I’ve lost self-control.

Tatenashi was displaying the uncontrollable feelings of a girl.

The Grand Athletic Meet has finally begun.

The first event was the fifty meter dash.

A fired-up Rin immediately set out towards the stands, found and caught Ichika.

「Hey, Ichika. Help me stretch out. Push my back」

Rin said so with her legs spread for calisthenics, also wearing bloomers.

Ichika becomes dizzy at the very dazzling beauty of her slender legs.

(Wh- What is it? I’ve been a bit strange since the attack on the academy the other day……)

He had this weird feeling, 『The opposite sex』, towards all the usual girls surrounding him.

That feeling is different than the one with Chifuyu, the heartbeats were clear.

「Ichika? What are you doing? Hurry up」


As told, he pushes Rin’s back.

Hi heart fluttered at the 『Softness』 that’s clearly different from a boy’s.

Furthermore, he also felt through his fingertips a hard spot, the form of a bra, by pushing her back.

(Even Rin wears a bra……)

He absentmindedly  thought of such an obvious thing for some reason.



「Wait Ichika. That- That hurts ow ow!」

Before he knew it, her body had folded excessively and Rin screamed.

「What are you doing, you idiot!?」

「Oh, sorry. I was a bit fascinated」


Rin is flabbergasted.

Ichika is also flabbergasted.

Both of them stared at each other dumbfounded.

「My- My bad. I’ll be leaving now」

「Oh, err, yeah……」

「Well, then」

「Ye- Yeah」

Five other people were staring very intently at the two who were embarrassed for some reason.

「Grrrr, that Rin……」


「Getting a head start isn’t allowed……」

「Should I take her left arm?」

「……Unfair, 10000000x」




And then the first event, the fifty meter dash began.


The pistol made a loud noise and was smoking.


Jumping out with long swinging twintails was Rin.

Like a ninja in training, her hair never drooping down.

「Oohh, Rin’s team suddenly gets the first point!」

Doing the coverage was not Tatenashi but the newspaper club’s ace, Mayuzumi Kaoruko.

Her trademark glasses and camera are shining brightly today as well.

「Nooow, Orimura-kun. Your thoughts!?」

Kaoruko shoves the microphone towards Ichika.

「Well, Rin is nimble, which is good, isn’t it?」

「What’s with that!? I need you to be fired up more, Leading man!」

Even if you say so, Ichika thought. Anyway, it seems like not praising the girls is out of the question today.

It can’t be helped. I have to come up with a comment again.

「I think she’s cute」

Hearing that announcement, all the girls suddenly started showing motivation.

And Rin who was wiping her sweat, became bright red.

「……Okay! I will get second place for Team Houki!」

「Ahh! Houki-cchi is also trying to get praised!」

「Wh-……!? I- I only want to decrease the gap in points」

「Again and again」

While receiving elbows from several friends, Houki was making excuses, and next to her was Cecilia stretching carefully.

「For me, victory is for the best. Therefore only I am suited for victory」

She gently flips her hair to the side.

As usual, the sweet smell of luxurious cologne spreads around.

「I won’t lose as well!」

Grunting and standing tip-toed, she stretches her back to loosen the muscles along the spine.


After taking a breath by the way, the arched breasts swayed like jelly.

「Ooooh, Team Charlotte! Is it a sex appeal trick!?」

「Eh, Eehh!? That’s- That’s wron――」

「Cunning! Cunning as expected! The French cadet representative, Charlotte Dunois!」

「That’s- That’s wrong though!」

She glares at Ichika while hurriedly hiding her breasts.

False accusations, misunderstandings and unfounded suspicions are directed towards the person being glared at.

Ichika just turns away, telling Charlotte「I have nothing to do with it! 」, his face shaking.

However, it was the start of a cruel fifty-meter dash.

「On your mark……get set. Gooo!!」

The pop of the pistol reverberates, Houki and Cecilia rush out.

Then a confused Charlotte runs after them, her legs get tangled and falls over magnificently.

「No- No way!……」

Charlotte was tearing up over her blunder while looking at Cecilia who finished over the other side.


Furthermore, she had scratched her knees.

She was feeling more and more depressed when Ichika suddenly came over.

「Are you okay, Char? Are you hurt?」

「Eh…….No, err ……」

「Didn’t you hurt your knees? Hey, I’ll carry you on my back to the first aid tent over there!」

「N-No, I-, that’s-……!」

Charlotte can’t hide her trembling at this unexpected development.

However, because her legs are really in pain, although a bit shy, she climbed onto Ichika’s back.


「I-Ichika, am I……not heavy?」

「Not at all. You’re like cotton candy」

「Is- Is that so? Ehehe……」

Houki and Cecilia turned with outrage and a look of envy towards Charlotte who found a chance in an unexpected place.

「Even though I came in first place……!」

「I won’t forgive you, Charlotte-san……!」

Utterly ignorant of those two, Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed Ichika’s back.

(Ichika’s back, is really big……)

She could feel the simplicity and elegance of design of the muscles attached firmly to his frame.

Charlotte had a strong reaction of a 『Girl』within her towards the part of the 『Opposite Sex』that is impossible to remove for girls.

On the other hand, for Ichika, he could feel the swells of her chest on his back, the softness of her thighs and most of all, the suffocating sweet smell of a girl, his heart was racing.

(This- This is bad…….this is really bad for me!)

Why it’s bad, he could not explain in words.

It is a very normal reaction of a healthy teenage boy to a girl but he called it a state of emergency.

「Well, Char, should we hurry a bit?」

「Eh? Ye- Yeah」

「Well, uhh, hold on tightly!」

Ichika said so and ran towards the first aid tent in one go while carrying Charlotte on his back.

He entrusted Charlotte to the school doctor, said 「Well then! 」and left.

「Ah, wait, Ichika」

Charlotte, who tried to say thanks, slowly retracted her outstretched hand.

(Ehehe. But, perhaps it was luck♪)

Charlotte was engulfed in joy while stroking the thighs that Ichika touched.






After briefly seeing Charlotte piggyback-carried, Laura and Kanzashi for some reason had faces that were deep in thought as they took their positions on the starting line of the 50 meter dash.


All the girls rushed out at the same time the pistol exploded.

However, only Laura and Kanzashi fell utterly and unnaturally.

「Medic, where’s the medic?」

「Ow ow ow oww 」

Ichika saw that and silently approached Laura and Kanzashi, and hit them with a paper fan given to him quickly by Kaoruko.

A loud smack was heard.

「What- What are you doing!?」

「That hurts……」

Ignoring the looks of both girls that were objecting, Ichika made Laura and Kanzashi stand by picking them up under their arms.

「I’ll really hit you if you do something that stupid」



Ichika forgives the dejected duo with a sigh and brushes off the soil sticking to their bodies.

「Go on, run, run. Although you’re already going to finish last」

Laura and Kanzashi’s faces were flushed at the unexpected body touch.

「Ye- Yeah!」

「I’ll- I’ll do my best」

Thus, they finished the 50 meter dash.

In this competition, Rin’s team finished first.

「Now then, the next event is the IS Academy special event, 『Ball Shootdown』!」

Kaoruko roars energetically into the mic.

「Ball……Shootdown? 」

It’s not a ball-toss game, right? Ichika asks. Just coming back from the girls’ circuit burst, a revived Tatenashi explains.

「This is a traditional school contest! Each team must shoot down balls falling from the sky using their IS! Furthermore, the smaller you shoot, the higher the score」

「That’s ridiculous……」

「Isn’t it more fun this way?」

Tatenashi opens an『Amusement』folding fan, broadly grinning with a suspicious smile.

「Now, each representative cadet start preparing! Also, IS suits are banned in this tournament! Enchant with your bloomers♪」

There is only one person to enchant.

「Hohoho, is it me?」

The old school janitor felt embarrassed.

「It’s not you! Perverted old man! 」

Kaoruko, whose butt was caressed, immediately threw a high kick.

The mysterious old man nimbly evaded it and went away.

「Well then, the target-throwing machine in the center field is set-up!」

Particles of light assembled and formed into devices.

Using the latest technology even in an athletic meet, Ichika began to see the IS Academy’s greatness in a new light.

「Now, is everybody ready!? From here on out, I, Sarashiki Tatenashi, the student council president will send things off with my live commentary! 」

Tatenashi declares loudly, high-fiving and replacing Kaoruko.

Just then, Kaoruko sets up the camera and surveyed all the representative cadets.

「With all my heart and soul. I am ready for battle. I will stop only in defeat! 」

Shinonono Houki, IS『Akatsubaki』.

「Please enjoy, a rondo played by me, Cecilia Alcott and 『Blue Tears』」

Cecilia Alcott, IS『Blue Tears』.

「It’s not limited to just shooting, so I’ll show you all my true strength!」

Huang Lingyin, IS『Shenlong』。

「I won’t lose when it comes to mobility. Let’s go『Revive』! 」

Charlotte Dunois, IS 『Rafale-Revive Custom II』.

「Realize your powerlessness」

Laura Bodewig, IS『Schwarzer Regen』.

「……I have to try and take a chance. Alright『Uchigane Nishiki』」

Sarashiki Kanzashi, IS『Uchigane Nishiki』。

There was a big excitement at the gathering of the first year’s personal machines.

「Go for it, Houki-chi!」

「Don’t lose, Cecilia!」

「Rin! Go, Rin! 」

「Good luck, Dunois-san! 」

「Crush them, Laura-san!」

「Wow. Is Kan-chan going to okay? She’s going to be okay, right? This is going to be hard.」

All six received encouragement and formed a circle around the equipment.

Each one flew nimbly, accustomed to the movement.

「Well then, start shooting down the balls with your IS!」

At the same time, multicolored balls of various sizes fires out of the machine.

They soared into the air and the first to seize them was Charlotte.

「《Rain of Saturday》!」

Charlotte immediately deploys submachine guns in both hands, shooting down target after target akimbo-style.

The points started pouring into the scoreboard like rain.

「Not bad……But! 」

A red figure flew next to Charlotte, firing upwards while maintaining a constant distance.


Houki continues to ascend spinning while using《Karaware》and《Amazuki》of『Akatsubaki』to cut the target to pieces.

「Oh, Houki-san. Can I have those targets?」

Flashes of blue light fired all around Houki.

Those were BT Lasers fired by bits from Cecilia’s『Blue Tears』.

「It’s the most valuable gold ball. I’m going to shoot it down! 」

The target split in half right at where Cecilia tried to aim with 《Starlight Mk. III》.

「Hehe! I was aiming for this! 」

Rin’s《Souten Gagetsu》 cuts it in half with a single stroke.

Furthermore, the shock cannons were fired downwards at maximum power.

「Hehe. What a big haul――huh!?」

The shock cannon’s energy disperses before it hits the target.

If you look closely, the target also stopped falling.

「This is……It’s Laura! 」

The《Active Inertia Canceller》 of the IS『Schwarzer Regen』formed a protective barrier.

The barrier that can stop inertia stopped the balls’ descent.

「Heh.――It’s mine! 」

*Whaaam*!! The large caliber railgun roared loudly, spitting out flames.

In the next instant, the AIC completely destroyed the balls floating still in a straight line.

That carefully aimed blow instantly set a new mark for the scores.

「Oooh, did she just win with this? Hm, hey, Ichika-kun! Give her some praises! 」

「Eehh!? Uhh……Good job, Laura! 」

Ichika had no choice but to respond to Tatenashi’s extreme style with very safe words.

However, it seems it was enough for Laura’s cheeks to blush slightly.

「Ye-Yes! If it’s me, this sort of thing is……hehe」

The other participants glared with scornful eyes at Laura, tapping her index fingers together.

However, someone also felt this would be a good opportunity.

「Multi-lock-on complete……」

The balls that continued to be spewed out were locked-on to and missiles were fired at all of them.

It was the 『Uchigane Nishiki』attacking all at once.

「Sarashiki Kanzashi scores some points! I also, as an older sister, am so proud. Do your best, Kanzashi-chan! 」

「Uh, do you usually play favorites this much!?」

「Eh, no, that was a bit much, Aha」

Kanzashi had a bright red face that screamed「Stop it, onee-chan……stop」at the noise from the commentator’s seat.

After that, as the game was reaching the climax, at the moment where everyone has roughly the same amount of points, Houki thought by herself.

(Isn’t there something I can do to turn things around?……)

Like a *boom* to blast away my rivals.

Like a *bang* that I can boast to Ichika.

(That’s it!)

If she could fire the ranged-weapon she took out, 《Ugachi》, at the last moment――it’s possible.

(The timing is essential……And, they must not realize it)

Houki looked up at the sky, a furious dogfight broke out.

「Hey Cecilia, stop being a nuisance!」

「That was my prey, Laura-san!」

「Woah, Cecilia! Don’t suddenly go in front of me!」

「You’re in the way, Charlotte……」

「Heh! I’m going to take away your points, Rin! 」

Right now, five people are scrambling for prey.

(Now’s my chance!)

Houki’s eyes shined with a sparkle.

She landed immediately to use the high-output energy cannon, 《Ugachi》.

She dropped her lower body, deployed the shoulder unit and started charging energy.

(If I can do it at just the right time……alright!)

Though Houki was smiling with full confidence, the situation became increasingly complex at the same time.

「I got it!」

Rin avoids Cecilia’s sniping.

「Hey, that was dangerous!」

*Bam*, Rin’s body collided with Charlotte.


Charlotte is thrown off-balance, scattering machinegun bullets.


The bullets hit Kanzashi’s missiles causing explosions.

「Huh!? Wh-What the? 」

Her back pushed by the blast, Laura fires the revolver cannon on impulse.

――Right towards Houki.


Though she avoided a direct hit, it caused the beam from 《Ugachi》to shift.

And, as for where it ended up――

「Wa- waitwaitwait! You know this equipment is expensive, right!?」

Tatenashi cries in vain. The energy blast hits the game equipment directly causing a loud boom and scattering of parts.

「Oh, no, this is, that……」

Everyone in the venue focus their gaze at Houki.

Obviously, with disapproving looks.

「H-Hmph! What a poorly built machine! 」

The venue fell silent.

Tatenashi opens her mouth with great difficulty.

「……Team Houki, minus 200 points」

Gyaaa! Houki’s scream echoed out.

「Moving along, the next match is the military obstacle course!」

Tatenashi vigorously sounds out.

With no crackling sounds, it seems the microphone used was of pretty decent quality.

「Umm, it may be pointless to ask but, what obstacle course?」

「 Military」


「You don’t know?」


After letting out a sigh towards an unsatisfied Ichika, Tatenashi grabs the microphone again.

「Alright, let me explain! In this military obstacle course, first, you must put together a disassembled assault rifle! 」

Tatenashi points towards a table with gun parts placed on it.

「Then, carry the assembled rifle up a 3-meter ladder and walk across a 5-meter steel frame while maintaining your balance!」

Don’t worry because there’s a safety net below♪ she says, not forgetting to wink.

「After that, slide down a pole and land, then crawl underneath the netting. Of course, while holding the rifle with both hands! 」

Thinking that it would seem tactless to retort, Ichika just says “is that so?” and nods.

「And then the long-awaited finale! Firing practice with live ammunition! One bullet only! If you miss, you must come back and get another one! 」

Since this is the IS Academy, the participants were growing very hot with excitement.

However, Ichika couldn’t help but feel tired.

「This school is too extreme」

「Hehe, just accept it」

The word, 『Philosophical』, was written on Tatenashi’s fan.

「Yoo-hoo, Orimu. Watch me, watch me」

It was Kanzashi’s team member, Nohohon-san waving her arm.

Ichika responds by waving his arms as well, and everyone from the first set of runners waved back in return.

「Oh my, you’re quite popular」

「That’s because they’re only being curious」

「……I wonder……」

Ichika, not able to hear Tatenashi’s small grumble, tried to ask her when he was interrupted by the sound of the starting pistol.

Pop! The girls start running all at once.

「Wow, Nohohon-san is really slow!」

「Now now, just watch」

Finally arriving at the table, the last-place, Nohohon-san rearranges the gun parts.

While doing so, the other girls are briskly assembling their rifles.

Ichika was getting impatient when somehow Nohohon-san suddenly finished her rifle.


No crookedness, a completely perfect form.

Holding the rifle triumphantly with both hands, Nohohon-san took the lead by two to three steps while the other girls were dumbfounded.

「No- No way. Nohohon-san is……」

「That girl is good at assembling things」

「No, not just good」

「The sisters are aces of the maintenance division. They are amazing」

Speaking of which, he remembered something.

Utsuho of Dismantling.

Honne of Construction.

They were the Nohotoke Sisters.

「But everything has a weakness」


Tatenashi points to Nohohon-san who was shooting.

Bang! The bullets fly out with a peculiar explosive sound.

However, the bullet flew in the wrong direction despite the form looking good.

「Oh my, that’s strange」

Honne tilts her head in confusion and returns to pick a bullet.

However, the next bullet, and the one after, and the one after that all missed, eventually ending up in last place.

「That’s it……Nohohon-san got zero points for shooting……」

What a regrettable thing.

However, as he was about to send her a consoling look, Ichika and Nohohon-san’s eyes met.

「Heey, Orimuu. Hehee, did you see my hard work? 」

Each time she skipped, her big breast swayed heavily and nonchalantly.

Ichika, who was looking straight at it, his face bright red, averted his gaze.



「Owowow, huh!?」

His side was suddenly pinched.

Naturally, it was Tatenashi’s doing.

「Help me with the live coverage quickly, boy!」

「Okay, I get it……」

Grasping the mic handed to him tightly, Ichika shouts.

「Good Luck Everyoneeeeee!!」

Every girl’s eye color changed simultaneously.

If Ichika looks, a common ground was also slowly being born.

They can’t help feel a faint glimmer of hope, the pink pattern of thought of a teenage girl.




After the race, there was much excitement as Laura’s team was practising before this match to win.

「Now, it’s my turn!」

Cecilia, who was preserving her strength, emerges from a magnificent lace parasol.

At last, it was the cavalry battle contest.

It’s not particularly different from the typical cavalry battle but it’s not a contest a girl usually does.

「Cecilia Alcott, setting out!」

Cecilia hops onto a three-man horse team gallantly.

On the way up, the emphasis on her rich ass was further intensified.

Navy blue bloomers digging into the white soft fair skin, the contrast of the two is extremely dazzling.


Ichika evaded the painful look he received somehow from Tatenashi by clearing his throat.

「Ichika-kun is a sullen lecher」

「Why is that?!」

「Your gaze was somewhat indecent……」

For some reason, Tatenashi holds herself tightly to protect her body.

Ichika got increasingly flustered at such a pose.

「Don’t look at me with such suspicious eyes!」

Though angry at Tatenashi, he returns to live commentating.

(It’s best not to pay too much attention to it, relax……relax……)

While repeating it in his head, each team started being introduced.

「Now then, all the attention is on the active duty soldier, Laura-chan but oooh, there’s something happening here. A knife was confiscated by Orimura sensei」

「No, things like knives are no good!」

「Orimura-sensei then confiscated a Chinese broadsword from Rin-chan」

「Hey Rin!」

「As for Houki-chan, that’s a katana, right?」

「Are you an idiot!?」

「A chakram was confiscated from Charlotte-chan」

「Char……Even you……」

「Kanzashi-chan doesn’t have anything, right? Onee-chan believed you!」

「This is so embarrassing」

「Now, how about Cecilia-chan? Take out that sniper rifle you’re quietly putting away 」

An “erk” sound effect was thought to be heard.

Anyhow, the jewel of this grand athletic meet, the cavalry battle started with a bang.


「Well then, let the cavalry battle begin!」

Dozens of mounted girls began to move all at once with the sound of a whistle.

Among them, the quickest was Laura’s unit.

「Right wing spread out! Left wing, follow me! 」

The units which an imposing Laura commanded while mounted on ordinary schoolgirls, moved sharply.

「Alright, break through the middle!」

「I won’t let you, Laura!」

Charlotte’s mount stands in front of Laura who started to move.

「Heh. Did you come here to be destroyed! 」

「I won’t lose so easily!」

Repelling the hand trying to grab her headband, Charlotte begins an attack of her own.

However, a battle-hardened Laura would not allow her to reach the headband easily.

「If I use a plasma chop!」

「If you say that then, if I use a pile bunker!」

While talking with each other on and on, the feud between fellow generals continue.

「Hmm, it turned out like this after all……Cecilia!」

「I thought so…..Rin-san! 」

Rin and Cecilia were said to be two mighty rivals facing each other so, auras of a dragon and a tiger surged out from each other.



They crashed into each other; both of their arms stiffen trapping the other’s arms.

「Ce-ci-lia……Just give up! 」

「You should give up, Ri-n-san……!」

*Grrrr*……the jostling for power goes on.

They both vary the amount of power they use to try to break the other’s stance but the arms grappling with each other do not come apart easily.

Rin and Cecilia shake their bodies.

The difference is the amount of shaking from Cecilia’s voluptuous breasts.


And it was the same for Laura as well facing Charlotte.


The Haves and Have Nots.

The world is always unfair.

There’s no god in this world anymore.

It is the cruel and actual truth.

「And there’s also another one, a Have……」

Kanzashi aims at just one spot on Houki.

Houki changes direction in a hurry, caught by inertia and chest shaking.

And that also was used to motivate Kanzashi.

「I absolutely will not lose……!」

The counter-attack begins.

However, all the combatants were astir at the sudden load voice of the announcer.

「Now, Orimura Ichika is here to join the fray! You get 500 points for taking his headband!」

Tatenashi said so.

Incidentally, as usual, this headband has a device that emits an electric current if taken off, and because of this, Ichika can’t help but become desperate.

「I have to be in danger again!?」

「Isn’t it having an intrusion more interesting? Do your best~」

Everyone turns toward Ichika.

It is 500 points after all.

It’s a great chance to rise to the top even for the bottom-place team, it’s impossible for a teenage girl to not get fired up.

「「「Let go of that headbaaaaand!」」」

Everyone simultaneously went towards Ichika.

When stretching out his hand to defend himself from the attack, he accidentally grabbed a girl’s breast in tight hold.

「Aaahn。Orimura-kun, you pervert¶」

I am class number one, Aikawa Kiyoka! She continues.

No, a self-intro isn’t really necessary.


Who said that if you feel bitter about chests, you will be cursed for seven generations? Didn’t you say that?


Rin quickly deploys her IS,『Shenlong』and fires the shock cannon.


In response, Ichika also deployed Byakushiki and put up a shield.

「Keep going!」

Flames burst from the large caliber revolver cannon from the IS, 『Schwarzer Regen』.

「Die! Die!」

Ichika let’s go of the girls he was riding on and soars into the air.

However, a blue flash of light obstructed him.

「If it’s a dog fight then it’s my advantage♪」

The laser bits of『Blue Tears』fires all at once from every direction.

Ichika was able to handle it without any trouble with the left arm shield of 《Setsura》but there is no safe place but up.


「……Checkmate 」

Houki attacks from above and Kanzashi pursues from the ground.

There was no escape anymore.

「He-Help me, Char!」

「――I don’t care」

Ichika was ignored in a huff and engulfed in an explosion the next moment.

Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Chapter 1 Translation

Chapter 1「Love Rival Warning (Hamster Cluster)」

「In other words, so it’s like this?」

Laura kneaded clay she prepared on the table and looked around.

The location is the dining room in the first-year IS Academy dorm, middle of the night.

At this time, although it becomes a lounge where students enjoy evening tea time, the representative cadets’ faces look stiff.

「The winner gets to be in the same class as Ichika, the other cadets will transfer to the other class……and then」

Charlotte kneaded a similar clay as well and arranged it next to Laura’s crooked pointy object.

……It’s apparently the queen and king chess pieces.

「Living in the same room as Ichika――」

At those words, an electric shock runs through all the first-year representative cadets.

――Living with Ichika.

There is nothing quite like it.

Of course, Houki and Charlotte who had experience knew it best.

(If I were in that situation again with Ichika……)

( This- This time, I would act like a completely spoiled child!)

My sweet days again.

When they were thinking of these warm and snug feelings, Rin broke the silence.

「Anyway! All of you are rivals this time……I’m not holding back!」

Taking it in calmly, Cecilia is enjoying the evening tea time.

「Oh my, is it okay to say such a thing? It’s a flesh-and-blood confrontation this time without an IS, although you say so, do you have a chance to win?」

Knights led by me, Cecilia Alcott are invincible.

And, to add another thing.

「The important thing is group tactics……I won’t accept defeat」

Kanzashi is also boiling with fighting spirit.

The gaze is sharp like a well-forged knife.

「Humph. If it’s about tactics then, I’ll show you how to fight with my German military training」

It was Laura who was provoking them and puffing with pride but it was one thing they often forget.

That is they are fellow students, ordinary people who have not received military training.

「Alright, let’s decide team assignments for the after-school special training together! I wanted to try it once」

While showing an aura of complete joy as well, the zeal hidden inside of her was showing.

「The way of the sword…….This called Bushido, I will discover it in death」

It was Houki with a tense face but Rin quickly retorted 「No, it’s not good to die」.


Houki slams both hands on the table and stands up.

「It’s not possible to fight fairly in this」

Everyone nods deeply in agreement.

「That it is. This is different from the other day’s shameless delusion, it’s the real Ichika……」

Houki is talking about something that is difficult to say while coughing, and everyone’s faces but Kanzashi’s turn bright red and they start making excuses.

「That- That was different! That was because of an enemy attack!」

「That’s- That’s right! The- The main problem was that it was such a realistic fake reality……」

Remembering the 『Vividness』 of the World Purge, everyone turns to quickly hide their chests.

(That- That was different……that sort of thing……)

(But, Ichika-san inside the dream was really wonderful……)

(It- It doesn’t mean I wasn’t hoping for it but until that point……)

(Mine- Mine was a nightmare! Absolutely, no matter what that was a dream! )

While each of them thinks about their excuse, they still after all can’t shake the feeling of『Was it a little too good?』

「A-Anyway! This will be a one-off serious match. Is that fine, everyone!?」

When Houki shook off the sweet look and said those words, everyone nodded.

「I will be serious and I’m going to show it」

「The glory of victory is suitable only for me」

「I won’t lose」

「Ichika is my bride!」

「……I’m going to win」

Fighting spirit within their burning eyes, the curtain rang up on the battle between maidens.

「Tatenashi-san, are you in the classroom?」

During the next day’s break time, Ichika came to a second-year classroom to deliver student council documents.

「Huh!? It’s Ichika-kun」

The other senior girls found him faster than he could find Tatenashi.

「What’s the matter? Is it for someone in our class? 」

「We’ll take care of your business quickly and promptly!」

「Come, come, tell us who is it for!」

The girls gathered around excitedly, surrounding Ichika.

There was even a girl among them boldly touching Ichika’s body.


「How about it, are you interested in onee-chan’s B-O-D-Y?」

Against such an aggressive approach, Ichika was just embarrassed.

「Wa- Wait, no, that’s uhh, because Tatenashi-san is the only one I have business with! 」

Although he shouted so, it did not stop the girls’ relentless hands.

「Come on, take it off!」

「Heave-ho! Heave-ho!」

「Woah , what the……!?」

In this situation which he thought was really bad, the snapping sound of a fan closing echoed.

「……What are you doing, I wonder? I-CHI-KA-KUN? 」

「Ohh, Tatenashi-san! This is great! I’m saved――」

Ichika was happy that his saviour appeared at last but Tatenashi irritatedly turns away and goes to her seat.

「eh, eh, eh? Uh, Tatenashi-san?」

Ichika somehow escapes from the group, and tries to talk while fixing his dishevelled clothes.

However, what came back were surly words.

「……Did you want something?」

「No, well, I did come to hand over some documents though……」

「Going after school wasn’t good. Or, you were planning to hunt for girls in a second-year classroom 」

「You- You know that’s not the case at all, right!?」

At not knowing why Tatenashi is angry, Ichika cringes.

While thinking about what the deal was, the first bell rang.

「Well, here, I’m leaving this. Okay, then!」

「Thank you for your hard work」

Not looking at Ichika who dashed off, Tatenashi turns her gaze towards outside of the window.

(hmpf, What is it. Ichika-kun, being lovestruck……!)

Have I been tolerant recently?  Even if Tatenashi just dabbles, it comes out indirectly.

Yet,when it came to Ichika just now――Argh, I’m getting angry just remembering it! An enraged Tatenashi thought.


Tatenashi was burning with jealousy without realizing it.

It was a feeling she felt for the first time.

(Generally, Ichika-kun is really horrible. If you have business with me, it’s not good if you use e-mail. Although I gave my address with great difficulty, don’t e-mail at all)

Tatenashi casually takes out a cellphone and looks inside the「Ichika」 mail folder.

『The student council is late today』

『I have finished putting the documents together』

『The extracurricular activities’ business trip schedule was adjusted』

――All of it,  don’t be business messages!

Though she thinks so, the reason for it is all for protection.

(Once in a while, he should ask me out to even one date. Really, when it comes to Ichika-kun――)

Suddenly noticing she has only been thinking of Ichika since a little while ago and Tatenashi’s face turns red.

(This- This is, different, from love or something like that, that sort of……)

It’s not.

That, she could not say definitively.


Calm down me, calm down me, she repeats and Tatenashi takes deep breaths.

「Suu, Haa, Suu, Haa」

Alright, I’m okay.

「Now, Sarashiki-san. Will you be opening your textbook soon, I wonder?」

Before she knew it, a female teacher in front of her was looking at her in the face.

「Ye- Yes!」

Tatenashi opens her textbook in a hurry.

「Pensiveness and Lovesickness in moderation, okay?」

……It’s not like that though.

That’s right, she can’t refute it,  Tatenashi gives out a sigh unable to get it out of her mind

「But shopping together of all things」

「What, are you dissatisfied? With me helping you」

It was Laura who said so and nudged Ichika.

They used the after-school hours today to start buying equipment for the big athletic meet.

Both of them got off the bus, and immediately entered the station shopping mall.

「Let’s see, 50 red bean-jam buns……There’s no choice but to have it delivered」

「Red bean-jam buns? That, is that the bread with bean jam in it? Why are these kind of things ordered?」

Laura looks at Ichika with a puzzled look.

「There is a bread-eating contest. It’s a game, do you understand? The bun is hung up, and then, you jump and eat the bread」

「What’s the point of it?」

「It’s the beauty of form, the beauty of form. Come on, let’s go order it quickly」

Because Ichika nonchalantly pulled Laura by the hand, she could not say anything further.

(My bride, Ichika, has become good at handling women……)

Thus, Laura like a meek and quiet cat was lead by Ichika and finished ordering the buns.

「What’s next?」

「Let’s see, things like headbands and cotton gloves」

「Hmm. Will those be delivered to the school?」


Ichika nods casually.

In contrast to Laura who has a「?」 mark floating around.

「Then, why was I invited? I thought I would be carrying baggage」

「I wouldn’t make a girl do things like carry baggage. Laura, there seems to be a new item in the green tea café you went to before. I thought we might as well go drink it together」

Told with a clear smile, Laura was surprised.

Since the incident the other day, she felt that Ichika somehow became closer to the girls.

(Some- Somehow, he seems to be getting accustomed to women……)

For the aggressive Laura, she thought that she would be very happy but now the cause of Laura’s naivety was coming from the opposite side.

(But, but being alone with just the two of us……is nice)

While walking though the crowded mall, conscious of the still connected hands.

Ichika’s hand tenderly holding Laura’s hand.

Immersed in its warmth the whole time.

「Oh, It’s here. Look, green tea shake」


「These days they still have shakes even though it’s autumn. Because it’s still quite warm」


Ichika burst into laughter at her arbitrary head shaking.

「What is it Laura, are you tensing up? 」

「Wh- What are you saying!? Idiot」

Laura felt that he was able to guess somehow from the temperature of her body and let go of Ichika’s hand.

And quickly went inside the store.

「Don’t rush off like that, oh, excuse me, please give me two green tea shakes」

When Ichika went to order at the counter, a nice-looking older girl bowed her head in apology.

「I’m sorry. The truth is only one green tea shake can be made〜」

「Is that so? Well, then, one is fine. And then, one ice green tea latte 」

「Alright, thank you very much〜」

The goods were paid for quickly and came out immediately.

Ichika receives the tray and walks to escort Laura.

「Is there no vacant seat? It’s probably warm by the window due to the sunlight ……Hmm」

「N-No, don’t worry about it! I don’t mind」

「Yeah? How about that table over there? 」

They sit face to face on a table for two.

Laura’s heart was beating at Ichika’s 「Manliness」.

「Then, let’s drink up」

「I- I will pay the bill」

「It’s fine. It’s my treat」

Ichika is currently a Japanese representative cadet (provisionally) and as such is paid an allowance.

The generousness is however not because he has a lot of money.

It’s because Laura is a「Girl」.

At least, that’s what Ichika thought so.

「Th-Then, thanks for the drink……」

Laura said so and tried the green tea shake.

Drinking a mouthful, her complexion changed into one of surprise.

「It’s- It’s delicious! It’s really delicious! Is this……honey? There’s also red bean jam?」

Looking at Laura in such a panic with confusion and interest was Ichika.

Although his ice green tea latte is also quite good, the longer he looked at Laura’s reaction, the sweeter it seemed to be.

「If it was so good like that I should have come earlier and ordered two」

「It can’t be helped. Then you should try mine」

The shake is held out without hesitation.

「Oh, thanks」

Holding the straw that was pointed at himself with his mouth, Ichika drinks the shake.

「Oh! This is really delicious!」

「It is, It is ――huh!?」

Laura suddenly noticed that it was an indirect kiss, and grabbed the shake from a confused Ichika.

「Wh- What is it?」

「It’s- It’s nothing, are you alright? 」

She says so, while controlling the pounding beat of her chest, slowly putting the straw of the shake in her mouth.

(In- Indirect kiss……oh no! Wh-Wh-Wh- What should I do, what should I!?)

She was going around in circles inside her head, thinking whether or not to discuss with Clarissa about filing a maternity leave when she saw a familiar face on the sidewalk outside the window.

(Is- Is that……Charlotte!? Why- Why is she here……!?)

If you look closely, she is walking together with several classmates.

Apparently, she enjoys shopping after school.

「I-Ichika. It’s bad here. Let’s leave」

「Huh? Why are we suddenly――」

「Just come!」




「It’s- It’s fine here」

Having pulled Ichika along, there were loud sounds coming from the noisy game center.

Teddy bears behind glass with colorful lights, brilliant video games, loud gun shooting games.

All of which, Laura experienced for the first time.

「Wh- Wh- What is this place……」

「What? Looks like it’s an arcade」

「Is- Is that so?  This is……」

A good classmate of mine told me I could find a「Stuffed Toy Catcher」

「Do you grab it with this arm?……I see」

「If you want, why don’t you try it?」

She was about to agree to Ichika’s proposal when she saw Charlotte’s party at the entrance.

Laura hurriedly hid behind a nearby box-type game machine.

「Wh- What is it, Laura? You suddenly pulled me」

「Sh- Shut up you idiot! Be quiet!」

「Be quiet……huh? Could it be that you want to try this?」

Ichika and Laura were inside a photo booth.

「What is this?」

「It takes pictures. Then, it comes out as stickers. Do you want to do it for the memories?」

「Wh- What? Wait a minute, I ――」

Although Laura was showing hesitation, Ichika quickly inserted coins.

「Hey, Laura, choose a frame」

「Wh- What? Wh- Wh- What should I do!?」

「It’s white but I like it. Look, there’s a black rabbit too」

「Oooh! I will use it then」

The machine makes a dinging sound and switches to stylus mode.

「Now you write your favorite word, Laura」

「Ye- Yeah……. Any favorite word is good?」

Laura clears her throat with a cough and asks a question.

「Ichika, how much German do you know?」

「”Baumkuchen” is “good morning”」


Ichika is saved by stupidity.

「Well then, the letters……for this are」

The machine then says to press the shutter button.

「You are out of the frame. Please come closer」

After staring blankly, Ichika and Laura huddled together.

This time, although Laura’s heart was on the verge of exploding, she was somehow able to feign calmness and finish the shooting.

「Oh, it came out, it came out」

Twenty pieces of stickers with writing on it, are split between the two of them to take home in honor of today’s memories.

From the photo booth where Ichika and Laura were photographed, written in German is『Ewige Liebe』―― “Eternal Love”.

「Yeah, I can’t wait for the auto-repair after all」

Wearing an unusual IS suit, Tatenashi descended from the once completely open『Mysterious Lady』.

The location is the IS maintenance room, past eight o’clock in the evening.

「The armor and armaments are a mess but the damage to the basic parts have been repaired. Then, the academy’s strongest can’t be called that, huh……」

At the time she was giving such a monologue.

Suddenly, the automatic door of the maintenance room opens.

「Tatenashi-san, let’s take a breather」

Ichika comes in holding a tray, greatly confusing Tatenashi.

「Wh- Wha!? I-I-Ichika-kun!? Why are you here……」

In order to avoid Ichika who apparently brought a late-night snack, Tatenashi hides behind 『Mysterious Lady』.

Feeling that she was being a 「Coward」, Tatenashi turned away.

「Kanzashi told me. Oh, here, it’s a low-calorie potato salad sandwich. You like it, right? Tate――Katana-san」


A sudden surprise attack.

Suddenly, Tatenashi who was called by her real name is in a panic.

「……Wo- Womanizer……」

She struck back with a low whisper.

However, it does not reach Ichika.

Leaving that aside, to a body that did not have dinner, the good smell drifting around just now was like poison.

「I-I want to eat it, so leave it there」

“Shoo shoo”, she urges Ichika to leave the room.

「It’s special so let’s eat together」

Such was said.

「I refuse!」

――to say it would be too impious.

Tatenashi combs her hair up and casually locked the room’s door.

「Well, then, on the table――」

She suddenly became aware of what she was trying to say.

(I don’t want to eat staring at each other like this!)

That’s bad.

That’s not good.

For some reason, Tatenashi is driven by an unidentifiable uneasiness.

「On- On the floor!」


「Let’s eat on the floor. Ba- Back-to-back!」

Ah, what am I saying.

Even though she thinks so, she somehow felt that it’s a good idea.

(Huh? Isn’t this considerably the best choice!?  Not bad, me!)

Guts pose in mind.

A “good job” sign flutters about inside her head.

「Haa, well,  but it’s fine」

Ichika says so and sits down on the floor.

Towards the back that was sitting while holding his knees, Tatenashi also turns her back and sits holding her knees.

Their lines of sight don’t intersect; their complexion also can’t be seen.

But they feel it.

Such a distance was somewhat endearing.

(This is a little bit, nice……♪)

From the tap when leaning back, it was known that Ichika reacted slightly.

Perhaps, he was getting embarrassed, she thinks.

She knows that much, now that Ichika is close to her.

Tatenashi nodded in her mind.

「Hey, Ichika-kun?」


「How- How ‘s it going?」

「What do you mean?」

「Like your health……」

「What’s with that?」

At Ichika saying so and laughing, Tatenashi’s face reddens and she starts objecting.

「I-I mean overall, overall! Your overall condition!」

There is not the face of someone who is the head of the Sarashiki family.

Merely, a seventeen year-old you can find anywhere.

「Overall, you say……. Well, it’s not bad」

「What’s with that?」

Now it was Tatenashi’s turn to laugh.

「*pfft*. You’re weird」

「I’m- I’m not particularly weird」

「No, you are weird」

「I am not」

“Anyway, please eat”, Ichika says, diverting from the topic.

Tatenashi was in a bit of a good mood and bit on a slice of sandwich.

「Mmm♪ It’s good, it’s good」

「Thanks for that」

「What? Are you sulking?」

「I am not  sulking」

「You’re not sulking」

「I’m not sulking」

Tatenashi then decided to leave it like that and reached for the lid of the sandwich.


Suddenly, she touched Ichika’s hand.

Tatenashi and Ichika, both simultaneously let their voice out.



For some reason, both of them became silent.

If it was the old Tatenashi, she would easily be able to make fun of this situation, but now she doesn’t.

(S-Say something……Say something……!)

Where was initiative of a senior, now she was just a little girl bewildered over her first love.


It was also impossible to stare at Ichika because they are back-to-back.

In this case, she can’t help being anxious about what kind of expression the other person is making now.

He doesn’t hate me right?

Such an off-the-mark thought comes to mind


*bang*, her thoughts exploded.

Tatenashi suddenly jumped on Ichika’s back.

「What the!?」

Naturally, Ichika let out a surprised voice.

「What on earth are you doing?」


Tatenashi  had an embarrassed grin at Ichika’s protests, it was a little odd even for her.

「 Ichika-kun, you have a large back!」

「Huh? What are you suddenly……. Well, that’s because I’m a guy」

「That’s- That’s right! Ahahaa!」

Ichika brushes it off as something usual or Tatenashi’s eccentricity, Tatenashi is at wit’s end and becomes talkative.

(Hehe. Because he’s a guy, ehehe)

While feeling the pain of such an itchy heart, Tatenashi smiles.

「Well, I’ll be leaving soon」


At Ichika’s words, she unintentionally made a big reaction.

I haven’t done anything yet!

Nothing has happened yet!

……Such was the pattern of thinking of a girl running wildly.

「Wa- Wait!」


Ichika asked back.

Turning around, when the face is seen, it was not good.


Tatenashi is at a loss for words, and gets embarrassed.

While looking down somewhat, she looks for the right words someway.



「Ad-Adjustment! IS Adjustment! Please help me!」

To say such a thing was the best Tatenashi  could do, but Ichika responded with a smile.

「Alright. But I don’t know if I would be useful」

A pleasant and carefree smile like that of a pure innocent boy.

「Ye- Yeah……」

And it was radiant, you couldn’t look straight at it.

Eventually, they started adjusting 『Mysterious Lady』 while Tatenashi turns away in order to not face Ichika.

(I’m an idiot! I’m an idioot!)

While stamping her feet like that in her mind.

And the next day, Cecilia came to Ichika’s place as soon as it was the lunch break.

「Ichika-san, let’s go for lunch together today. Oh, of course I know your answer is yes.」

“Such coerciveness”, Ichika thought when astonishing words came out from Cecilia’s mouth.

「I tasted today’s lunch」

At that moment, an electric current runs through Ichika.

「Hey, Cecilia! Is your body okay!? Is it not painful anywhere!?」

「Huh? It’s fine though……」

「Damn…….You’re already in the condition where you don’t understand what’s going on with yourself, Cecilia…….Why did such a thing……」

Bitter about his powerlessness.

Why did I ignore it until it became like this?

All responsibility lies within me, it was Ichika who couldn’t help but feel so.

「Wait a minute……Ichika-san, aren’t you thinking of something very extremely rude?」

「Don’t say anything Cecilia. I won’t forget you Cecilia……」

「THAT’S-BE-CAUSE! I properly measured the amount this time and made it according to the cookbook!」

Those were surprising words.

However, she doesn’t seem to be lying.

「Eh……. Then, it’s true?」

Charlotte called out to the still doubtful Ichika.

「It’s fine because it’s the book I lent」

「I see……. Good, Cecilia is safe……」


Charlotte gave out a strained laugh involuntarily but next to her, Cecilia cheeks swelled with all her might.

「That was very rude as well!」

Cecilia finally made a proper dish.

Just like that it ran about inside the classroom, spread through the first-year students, and became well-known in the entire academy.

This went on until an announcement was finally made: 「This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill」


Cecilia glares at a teary-eyed Ichika.

Ichika stroked Cecilia’s head and spoke very naturally.

「Thanks Cecilia. Let’s eat together」


As expected, for this day only, both Houki and Laura let Cecilia enjoy her success and behaved themselves.

「Well then let’s go on the roof!」

Cecilia said singing, took Ichika’s hand dancing and walked cheerfully.

The location is changed to the rooftop.

Though the winds of autumn became quite cold already, the gentle rays of the sun were pleasant.

「Today, I have tomato soup and ham salad sandwiches」

Cecilia and Ichika sit side-by-side on a bench.

Ichika timidly looks at the opened bentou but did not find anything unusual there.

No, perhaps there are traps somewhere?

Though Ichika wanted to think so, that wicked thought was drowned out by Cecilia’s happy expression.

「Now, please eat♪」


*bite*. *munch* *munch* *munch*……*gulp*.

「Oh, it’s delicious」

「Ufufuu. It is, it is, isn’t it?」

Now he receives the tomato soup from the really delighted Cecilia.

This also was generally delicious with just the right seasoning.

「Cecilia, what the-?! You can do it if you try!」

「Though I got stuck a little, I am honestly pleased here」

「No, I was really surprised. I once said the English had no sense of taste and that was inexcusable」

Remembering the time he had a fight with Cecilia in the beginning, Ichika bowed his head in apology.

「N-No. I was also at fault」

In the beginning she was hostile to Ichika, now it has become embarrassing.

「By the way, can I ask why the change of heart?」


「Well, because, I was wondering why did you start tasting and cooking properly?」

「It’s because of Chelsea」

He was wondering why Chelsea’s name came up when Cecilia continued talking.

「I made a thing and a thing according to what Chelsea said, and tasted them both」

「Huh, that again」

“That was reckless”, he starts to say and then stops.

「The result was Chelsea’s was more delicious!」

“So that’s it”, he mutters in his head.

「If that’s the case, then to this Cecilia Alcott who cannot accept defeat. Should you push forward earnestly on the path of cooking?」

「Such an improvement to that extent, that’s amazing」

「That- That’s……what if there are others who would like to eat?」

Cecilia embarrassedly covers both her cheeks with her hands.

Then, Ichika and Cecilia had an enjoyable lunch with just the two of them when they incidentally looked up at the bright blue sky.

「It’s beautiful」

「Yes, it really is」

It was a calm time.

It was a gentle time.

――That is, if Tatenashi had not witnessed it.


Tatenashi who was waiting with a handmade lunch in her hand, noticed Ichika’s gaze and quickly hid.

「Ah, Tatenashi-san. What’s wrong?」

「No- Nothing, I just come to the rooftop sometimes. Aha, ahaha……」

Showing a stiff smile, Tatenashi turns to the right and starts running away from the rooftop.

(I’m an idiot! I’m an idiot!)

Not knowing Tatenashi’s thoughts, Ichika only stared in puzzlement.

The Anatomy of Infinite Stratos: IS Academy Gym Suit Translation

IS Academy Gym Suit

The top of the gym suit specified by the IS Academy is a sleeveless shirt with an American collar, the color surrounding  the collar is different according to the school year, deep red for this year’s first-year students, yellow for second-year students, moss green for third-year students.

Though the bottom became extinct due to the gender-free ideology partial to the beginning of this century, In the society where women are placed higher than men after the introduction of IS, the legendary equipment 「Bloomers」 was quickly reissued for use whose restoration from the same sex era was strongly hoped for as a style that strongly emphasizes high functionality, fine healthy sight of a woman and majesty.

The color is uniformly red.

The gym suit can be individually customized as well like the uniform, other than the choice of various bloomers, it is possible to equip variations of such things like socks and gloves with added anti-UV function.


Hard-support Bloomers

It is used mainly in athletic clubs.

The muscles are supported with little elastic fabric, the exposure area is increased at the same time the efficiency of heat radiation is raised.


Classic-style Bloomers

While preventing the abdomen from getting cold due to the large protection area, mobility is guaranteed as well due to the soft fabric.

Although the latest functional fabric that science has to offer is used contrary to its appearance, the problem of needing to periodically adjust the position of the part covering the gluteus maximus has still yet to be solved.

The Anatomy of Infinite Stratos: IS Suit Translation

IS Suit

A vital monitor is built into the intelligence tag at the base of the throat; it is able to constantly check the student’s physiological state and position.

Students wear this suit when equipping most standard-type IS.

Although it looks like an old school swimsuit, each manufacturer adds advanced life protection function and comfort while complying with regulations specified by the school.

The holes in the hip region, as well as intentionally cutting off the part where most stresses occur during exercise in the old school swimsuit and dispersing the load, also functions as a ventilator.

The sealing part of the leg protector adheres to the skin when the switch of the tag is pressed causing voltage to go through the silicon molecules.

Infinite Stratos Vol. 9 Prologue Translation

Prologue「The heart throbs when it falls in love」

「Okay, say aahh」

IS Academy Special Care Unit.

There, Ichika was taking care of Tatenashi whose stay in the hospital was prolonged.

「Really, really, I can eat by myself」

Tatenashi says so and pouts her lips――cheeks slightly red, her true name is Katana.


「A, aahh……」

Speaking of Ichika, in his habit of returning the favor and taking the initiative, her nature and cheeks loosened up.

Ichika’s handmade bento was brought today as well, the menu is bacon-wrapped asparagus on potato balls and then, English muffins and a salad.

The after meal dessert is orange sherbet.

All of which are Tatenashi’s favorite foods.

Ichika with a friendly grin, made Tatenashi embarrassed.

There were shadows peeping on those two from outside the window.

「……What the」

It was Rin who said so.

Her eyes had a dead look.

「Could it be……Those two are already going out……?Ahh……」

Cecilia falls into dizziness.

Her face was pale.


Observing those two intently was Charlotte.

Though the mind was not calm, if you think about the 『maintenance period for Charlotte』some time ago, isn’t it the same pattern now as well.

「really, really, really……」

Haa! Two shadows rise up.

「「I can’t take it anymore!!」」

It was Houki and Laura.

In each of their hands is a tightly-grasped katana and knife.


*stop*, It was Kanzashi restraining them with her palms.

「What are you doing!」

「Isn’t it natural to support your sister?!」

Abruptly turning her back on the angry Houki and Laura, Kanzashi suddenly opened the window.

「Pardon the interruption」

Both Ichika and Tatenashi were startled by the unexpected intruder.

Because this is the third floor, and you can’t do something like be outside the window if an IS isn’t deployed.

「Ka-Kanzashi, you――since when!?」

The completely off-guard Ichika was in a feverish haste.

「Ka-Kanzashi-chan!? Wh-Wh-What, What are you doing?」

Like Ichika, the zero-awareness Tatenashi was trembling a lot.

「Are you two, going out?」

「”Going out”――」

「A man and woman, together」


Ichika and Tatenashi exchanged looks after being surprised.

And then both turned their blushing faces away in a hurry.

「No, it’s nothing like that, I only came to visit Tatenashi-san――ugh!」

He gets elbowed by Tatenashi from her bed.


Folding her arms, and puffing her cheeks with all her might, Tatenashi shows her displeasure.

If you look at the reaction of these two, it is known as the『Sky Love Hurricane』that the usual blockhead Ichika creates.

(Even so, it seems fine……)

That is to say, Tatenashi has come to like this situation.

With Ichika.

With the young man called Orimura Ichika.

「……It’s like that, after all」

Outside the window, the five people hovering with partially deployed IS were beckoned.

「Ichika, with…… onee-chan」

In order to hear, the five people close in, drawing nearer and nearer.

「Is it true?、Ichika!」

「You know I won’t forgive lying, right!?」

「Do- Do I……believe it?」

「Don’t let it be, Ichika!」

「Make it clear!」

They were rattling on with screams, and Ichika was having touble dealing with this conversation.

With seriousness, he sighs and tells the truth.

「It’s true being with Tatenashi-san is fun」


「What’s wrong!?」

Rin was on the verge of tears and stared intensely.

「Because, well, Tatenashi-san has great style」

「Ugh!」cried RIn.

「Because she’s not domineering」

「Uggh!」cried Cecilia.

「She pushes constantly」

「Ugggh!」cried Charlotte.

「Because she doesn’t exert violence」

「Uggggh!」cried Houki.

「Because she doesn’t come to creep in my bedroom at night」

「Ugggggh!」cried Laura.

「Because she is cheerful」

「……He did quite some damage」said Kanzashi.

「But I think everyone has their own charm as well!」

「「「That doesn’t follow!」」」

The roar echoed throughout the special care building.

「Really, Ichika-kun is……」

Two days have passed since then; Tatenashi’s wounds have finally healed.

However, the IS 『Mysterious Lady』can’t be called complete yet.

That fact cast a shadow over Tatenashi’s face.

(It’s not good if it isn’t overhauled at once after all.

Before the accumulation of damage becomes serious)

When it comes to that, it’s necessary to go back to the original Russian developer.

It would likely take one week.

「In the meantime, I can’t meet with Ichika-kun, huh?……」

After muttering unconsciously with a whisper, that thought was denied in a hurry.

(Wh- What am I……A- About not being able to meet with Ichika-kun――)

The heart was surely in pain when thinking so.

――It’s not good.

I want to meet with him.

Even right now, I am dying to meet him.


In order to release the heat from her face which flared and became red, she shakes it left and right.

(N- No. It’s not like that. It’s not like――)

「Tatenashi-saan, can I come innn? 」


Suddenly, she was surprised by being called out through the door.

Surely, Ichika did not plan to come today.

What to do, While thinking about what to do, the door was boldly opened.

「Pardon meee」

「Ah, Ahh!」

Smack! A box of tissues hit Ichika in the head.

Needless to say, it was Tatenashi who threw it.

「Wh- What are you doing !?」

「Th- That- That’s my line!」

Tatenashi glares intensely at Ichika.

「Don’t enter a girl’s room without permission! Isn’t that common sense?」

「No, because it’s Tatenashi-san, it’s fine」


Those words were probably said without any particularly deep thought, but Tatenashi was trembling a lot.

(Because it’s me? I’m different from others by my special standing)

When thinking so, she knew her face was turning red from blushing.

(No, oh no, it’s pounding a lot……)

There is a tightness in the chest, it is painful, and sweet――.

Even though she is reluctant, Tatenashi realizes she is an ordinary『girl』.

(This- This is unfair……)

While gently pressing down on her beating chest, Tatenashi takes one deep breath and turns towards Ichika.

「So- So what’s your business today? O- Orimura Ichika-kun」

She clears her throat with a cough and pretends everything is normal.

However, Ichika comes back with laughter.

「Ahahaa. What’s wrong? All of a sudden, Tatenashi-san is acting weird, you know?」

「I’m- I’m perfectly normal, you know? My injuries have healed, look!」

Tatenashi suddenly rolls up the blouse of her uniform and exposes her abdomen.

Because she lifted it too energetically, a piece of her light pink bra was seen.

「What the!? What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

「Maybe it’s because Ichika says I’m acting weird!?」

「I- I understand! So please put it down! Your stomach will get cold!」

Because Ichika is looking away, it’s a little uninteresting, against her better judgement, Tatenashi got worked up and creeped in.

「Look properly! Look! Look here!」

「I-I’ve seen it, I’ve already seen it!」

In order to make Ichika embarrassed, Tatenashi presses on.

「Oh my, is that so. Then, the next step is to touch it」


Ichika was dumbfounded.

Incidentally, Tatenashi was showing her very well-proportioned waist.

「So you can confirm that the wounds really have closed. So that you can immediately understand that I’m not acting strange」


Seeing the obviously suspicious  look on Ichika’s face, Tatenashi calms down.

(Wh- Wh- What am I――!?  Even though wounds are definitely closed by nanomachine treatment, embryo stem cell transplant and organic adhesive film……)


My body.

My sensitive, soft and fair skin.

By Ichika.

By the big hand’s of a boy.


Tatenashi screams and even her ears turn red.

「I- I should stop after all――」

While saying so, Ichika’s fingers touched her skin.


「Oh, I really don’t understand wounds at all. Hmm, it’s amazing……」




「hmmh, huhh, I seeee, uh-huh」

For some reason, Ichika on his own and without permission, softly touched and poked Tatenashi’s stomach with a serious face, doing it as much as he liked and occasionally caressing it.

(Haa……! Ngh, hmpf……! St- Stop……any further and――Aaahh!!)

Through Ichika’s eyes, through his fingers, Tatenashi ascertained by body temperature, fell into an illusion as if all of her clothes have been stripped.

And then when her excitement was about to reach the critical limit, an uncouth voice was suddenly heard.

「Just what are you guys doing?」


「You- You- You shouldn’t do that! This is an order from your instructor! 」

It was Chifuyu and Maya who entered the room.

They came to see the condition of IS Academy’s currently most valuable combatant, cornerstone of defense, strongest student council president, Sarashiki Tatenashi.

As such, Chifuyu and Maya are being diligent teachers.

「It- It- It- It- It’s nothing! Ahaa, ahahaa!」

While putting her uniform back on, Tatenashi slaps Ichika’s hand away.

「Huh? Huh?」

Not understanding why his hands were struck, Ichika had a perplexed look on his face.

Seeing the look on his face, Tatenashi glared back instead.


「It’s nothing……」

「Is that so. That’s good」

Although she was putting on airs with her usual coolness, you could clearly see the lack of composure in Chifuyu’s eyes.

「Hey Sarashiki」

「What is it?」

「What happened to your usual folding fan?」

She hit a sore spot.

Still, Tatenashi did not hurry, she took out her folding fan like how she usually does it.


Tatenashi notices she took out the wrong fan by mistake and puts it away in a panic.

「This- This one, here」

The fan with『Invincible』written on it was in her hand.

「Hey Sarashiki」


「Did you fall in love?」

The fan screamed under the pressure when she unintentionally squeezed her hand.

「Wh- What, on what grounds, such a, ahaha?」

「Your face is stiff」

「No- No, it isn’t, see, really――」

While taking out another fan, her hand slips and a dozen fans fall out like early summer rain.

「I-I made a small mistake, haha」

Tatenashi tries to pick up the fallen fans.

Then, Ichika lends a hand.

「I’ll help」

「I’m- I’m fine……」

「Now now, you don’t need to say it」

Suddenly, their hands touch each other.


Tatenashi was surprised and withdrew her hand.

At that reaction, Ichika just looked on with a curious face.


While tightly grasping her right hand which touched Ichika, Tatenashi turns her face away.

(N- No, after all……no!)

She became conscious.

Of Ichika.

As a member of the opposite sex.

She sees him as an object of romantic affection.

(Aah, I’m so stupid……! Because I was so engrossed in such a thing――)

Probably more than what was necessary.

Her true feelings ―― even though she wanted to touch more and more.

(Even I notice it……)

Going any further isn’t good.

She needs to keep her distance before she ruins herself.

The name『Tatenashi』is not to be taken lightly.

The position as head of the Sarashiki family can’t be given up so easily.


Chifuyu and Maya did not miss the slightly pained expression Tatenashi had.

(It was……love)

(It’s……love, isn’t it?)

Ignorant of what each of the three women’s thoughts were, Ichika holds out the fans he gathered to Tatenashi.

「Here, Tatenashi-san」

At that innocent face, the still shocked Tatenashi gets embarrassed.

「A- Anyway, because it’s all fine today. Ichika-kun, I’m assigning you a student council job」

「Okay. If everything is fine already」

He is quick to learn the job.

――Not good.

I’m digging a deeper hole.

「Well then, keep Kanzashi-chan company」

「No, I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now」

――No, I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now

――I’m staying with Tatenashi-san now

――I’m staying with Tatenashi-san


With her face turning so red that steam seems to puff out, Tatenashi rushes out of the room.

「Huh, what?」

Ichika tilts his neck while looking at the situation dumbfounded.

「This natural gigolo」

Chifuyu bumps Ichika with a kick in the butt using the tip of her shoes.

That night, Tatenashi went soaking in the bathtub and pondered.

(What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?)

I like Ichika――.

Those feelings won’t stop.

Even though she understands it’s a forbidden feeling, she can’t help it.

(I have to do something, I have to do something, I have to do something……)

Is it better to remove Ichika from the student council?


Because we’re in different school years, we wouldn’t be able to meet up anymore.

Then, think of a way to transfer Ichika outside the academy for some reason.

(That’s usually a bad idea. In order to get the IS 『Byakushiki』, various organizations and countries would start moving)

Then what would be the best thing to do?

「I wouldn’t be having a hard time if I knew……」

She sinks her mouth in the bathtub, the bubbling creates foam.

(Haah…… I’m unexpectedly no good)

I thought that I could do anything by myself.

In fact, I was able to do most things alone.

But I really wanted to call someone.

――to take me out of here.

The 『here』 called loneliness.

「I told my name……」

My real name, Katana.

It must not be told to anyone other than family members.


(Wh- When- When that happens, I- I- I can’t do anything but make you a member of the family)

I’ve come to such a conclusion.

Sarashiki Ichika…… Yeah, not bad.

『Tatenashi, the rice is done』

『Really, Ichika. You still haven’t fixed it even though I always remind you. It should be Ka-ta-na, right? 』

『That’s right, sorry Katana』

『When apologizing, you should embrace me tightly……You’re so sly』

『A kiss then――』




「Onee-chan, your nose is bleeding」


With a kerplunk, Kanzashi was suddenly soaked in the bathtub next to her with an innocent look.

「Wh- Wh- Wh……」

At the sudden appearance of Kanzashi, Tatenashi stood up on reflex.

――Why are you suddenly here!?

「Were you thinking about something indecent……?」

「N- No! No I wasn’t! By the way Kanzashi-chan, you know this is the second-year dormitory, right !? Why are you here!」

「Onee-chan, I’m worried about you」

But that was a lie.

(In truth, I’m performing reconnaissance on a rival……)

I stick my tongue out in my mind.

A young lady in love is occasionally cunning.

「Onee-chan, for the time being……sit down」

「Wh- What is it, really……」

At her little sister’s command, a somewhat uneasy Tatenashi slowly sits down .

At that moment, Kanzashi was fixedly staring at the heavily growing fruit of her chest.

「Wh- What?」

「Ichika said you have ”great style” and praised you, huh ……?」

But I was not praised, sarcasm added.

However the voice did not reach Tatenashi, Ichika said『Because I have great style』, those words repeated infinitely inside her head.

『Tatenashi-san has great style, you know?』

『such- such a thing……but it’s……』

『Then, I wonder if you would allow me to savor this lively body』

『No, wait, hey……nngh!』




「Onee-chan, your nose……is still bleeding」


Thus, the sisters’ bath turned slightly red.

「Well then, if you’re not going soon」

In a classroom after school, Cecilia was blocking the way towards the student council room.

「Wait, Ichika-san」

「Cecilia? What is it?」

That hands-on-waist pose, looks good as always.

As expected of someone who won the popular vote, by far and away, in the UK representative cadet gravure special.

「This time, I, Cecilia Alcott, in order to help all IS Academy student, is thinking about becoming a student council executive」

She puffs her chest out with an *ahem*.

That well-proportioned bust line is as beautiful as ever.

「Oh, is that so? Do you want me to recommend you?」

While Ichika said so in admiration, Cecilia eyes shined with sparkles and nodded in agreement.

「Yes. By all means!」

After tightly grasping Ichika’s hand, Cecilia intertwined their arms in order to dance nimbly.

「Well then, let’s go…….before the nuisance comes」

「Wait a minute!」

A voice echoed through the hallway.

Needless to say, the lively voice belonged to Rin.

「Did you want something, Rin-san? Then we’ll get to it after we go to the student council room 」

「Hey hey! What’s with the holding hands, Cecilia!?」

「Oh, it’s a lady’s privilege to monopolize the arms of a man. That’s natural」

Cecilia huffs with the grace of victory drifting around, she brushes her hair with her hands.

At that moment, the sweet smell of roses spread softly.

(Argh…….Even though- Even though I had sprinkled peach perfume on me……!)

Even though I put a lot of effort into buying this perfume, it’s pointless if Ichika doesn’t notice.

But, with Cecilia sticking closer to him, there is little hope.

(What’s with you? Ichika, you idiot!)

While her mood was sinking a bit, Ichika suddenly touched Rin’s hair.

「Huh? Rin, you have a somewhat nice smell」


「What is the smeet swell? Hmm」

While carefully handling one of her twintails, Ichika shockingly sniffed and smelled it.

It was unbearably embarrassing; Rin blushed and bowed her head in shame.

「Th- That’s, occasionally, I put on some perfume……Ehehe」

「Really!? Rin does things like wearing perfume, that’s somewhat adult-like!」

At Ichika’s words, Rin’s face beamed with energy.

「Is- Is that so? Does- Does it not suit me?」

「Not at all, Rin has a nice smell, Cecilia has a nice smell as well」

Cecilia, who thought about interrupting at the right timing, became dizzy from Ichika’s surprise direct attack.

「I-Ichika-san, how did you know about the perfume ……?」

Seemingly throbbing, Cecilia asked.

Her cheeks are slightly red.

「That’s because, all girls like to smell nice. I’ve come to know it well. Cecilia’s is rose, right? But the lavender , the other day was good as well」

「Oh, Oh! Then I think I should wear a different perfume everyday for Ichika-san’s nose to enjoy」

Cecilia placed her hand on her cheek, entranced.

While she was doing so, Rin also intertwined her arms with Ichika’s.

「Hey, hey Ichika. Can you only recommend one person for the student council? Even though I also want to become helpful to everyone」

Rin said so while laughing bashfully.

Ichika took it seriously and had a smile on his face.

「I will ask Tatenashi-san. It may be okay」

「Ye- Yeah! Thanks, Ichika」

Cecilia was angrily frowning on the opposite side but the joy from being praised for her perfume was greater.

(Yes, I will train Ichika to be a gentleman of my liking……This is the start of the Ichika Alcott plan)

Imagining Ichika supporting her, the soon-to-be head of the Alcott Group, Cecilia’s heart was fluttering.

And, at the opposite side――

(What’s with you, Ichika? I don’t know if he really understood. Then, I can’t start thinking about the Orimura Rin Project after all!)

Soon, Rin will fight in the IS International Tournament 『Mondo Grosso』 but it isn’t necessary to be a part of China to do so.



Rising from Ichika’s left and right, are mysterious yet lustrous auras.

It was like the fragrance of flowers.


Decisively, point-blank.

Tatenashi shot firmly with a cold voice.


「Why is that!?」

Rin and Cecilia naturally snapped back.

So, here in the IS Academy Student Council room, in front of President Tatenashi’s desk.

「Don’t you want my help!? You should be thankful !」

「Forget about Rin-san, why did you reject my, Cecilia Alcott’s offer!?」


Both struck the desk.

「……You. Aren’t you somehow making a fool out of me? 」

「I’m doing no such thing. Not at all」

Then once again, facing Tatenashi.

「「What’s the reason!?」」

「Because we already have enough people」

She pointed at Kanzashi who was typing on a keyboard at high speed earlier.

「……Hello, I, Sarashiki Kanzashi, was appointed as an Orimura One Division student council executive at this time 」

She bowed.

It was the most contrived thing.

「”Orimura One Division”, you say……」

「Yes, it’s the division that primarily does the schedule and management of Orimura Ichika」

「Don’t make bad puns!」

*note: the joke is that the division name when spoken is “Orimura Ichika” but is written with different Japanese characters

Rin retorted.

「O- Orimura, Ichika……pf, pffft, pfff」

It somehow hit the mark with Cecilia.

「Oh, Kanzashi is in charge of me? The scheduler of Nohohon-san is saved because he is irresponsible and can’t understand what’s going on」

Ichika said so carefree.

「Yes……please take care of me」

Kanzashi was smiling.


Tatenashi was getting anxious for some reason of the distance between Ichika and Kanzashi.

「*sigh*……. The tea is delicious」

Feigning ignorance was Nohotoke Utsuho.

「Nhaaa. The cake is really taaastyyyy today as well because of the weather」

Nohohon-san ate the snacks ravenously.

――In the extreme chaos of the student council room, the loud sound of a fan opening reverberated within.


On it, was the word『Contest』.

「In one week, I declare that we will hold a contest for the first-years, a representative cadet versus match athletic meet for Ichika!」

Tatenashi’s voice was diginified and bright, but, she blushed when her eyes met Ichika’s and then she turned away.

――Anyway, the location of the decisive battle was prepared.

The life of a maiden in love is short.

Before a person you like is taken away by someone, you must take him.

If you reach out your hand, glory can be achieved.

So, there lies the battlefield (paradise)!